Sunday, April 01, 2007

Shout Out to My Chi-Town Friends!

When I started this blog, I didn't necessarily want it to be an online diary and didn't want to talk about "personal" stuff. However, I just got back from a trip to Downers Grove, IL, (a suburb of Chicago) to visit some long-time friends and had such a fabulous time - I just had to mention it here. Plus, I know that one of them feels like a celebrity when he gets mentioned on a blog. ;-) So here you go, C. - bask in the glow.

It was rainy and foggy the whole time I was there (which did wonders for my hair), but it didn't matter - the pleasant company was bright and sunny. We hung out, laughed a lot, watched movies and I played with their little girl, who is sweet, funny, smart and absolutely adorable. (Just look at that picture!)

I also took a tour with my stomach through all of Chicago's famous foods. We ate a hot dog at Chicago's famous Portillo's Hot Dogs, had Chicago-style stuffed pizza at Giordano's, devoured frozen custard from Culver's, and had fresh caramel corn from Garrett's (mmm...I'm craving some right now). On our way to Garrett's, they told me people stand in long lines outside the store for hours to get some, and I didn't believe it. After eating some - I am now a believer. Heavenly!

Since the weather was gray and gloomy, most of the things we went and did were confined to indoors. I went to story time at the library with T. and L., went to church on Sunday at the Church of Christ of Downers Grove, visited the Museum of Science and Industry, and found some awesome buys at a local craft fair. The museum was huge and packed (probably because everyone was on spring break), but they had a lot of really cool displays, including a miniature fairy tale castle that I fell in love with.

But all trips are bittersweet in that they all must eventually come to an end. It was very hard to say good-bye and get on that plane. My visit with my friends made my heart happy and was the "mental health" break that I didn't even know I needed until I was there. Good fellowship, good food, good times. I can't wait until next time!

Even though it was sad to say good-bye to my friends, it was a wonderful feeling to be back home with my dear husband. He had just recently started a new job and couldn't take time off of work to come with me, so it was very hard to leave him behind and be away from him. That was the longest we'd ever been apart and we really missed each other. :-( Next time I go to Chicago, he's definitely coming with me!


Jesica said...

Oh MAN!!!! I didn't KNOW you had Culvers! OOOH..I used to love their frozen custard when I lived in Wisconsin!
Chocolate with caramel sauce and their sugared pecans!

OOOOH! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

We missed you, and are SOOOO glad you're home!


D.L. White said...

Yep - the frozen custard was very rich, but very yummy. :P

I'm glad to be home too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I'd glad you had a good time and can't wait to see you again. You'll be so proud I'm actually posting a comment!!! Still having nightmares about Slither. I watched an animal planet show called "Most Extreme Mothers" and it was about Sea Lice. The father captures the females, pulls them into a cave, and then they sit there pregnant while their babies eat them alive. You can imagine how traumatizing this was for me...Fun fun! PS, don't go exploring any uncharted caves.

D.L. White said...

Yeesh...(shivers)... thanks for the creepy flashbacks!!! Just when I'd gotten those two movies out of my system! :-P

P.S. I AM proud of you - you posted a comment! One of my silent, stalking readers is no longer silent! Yeah!

Elizabeth C. said...

Welcome home!!!! Sounds like a wonderful trip and I'm so glad you had a good time. Also glad you're safely back home.

Reading your post made me hungry!!! Isn't it interesting how food is such a big part of our experiences? When we were in Texas I made sure to get my fill of Shipley's Do-Nuts, Central Texas Barbeque and (best of all) genuine Tex-Mex!!!!!! Not on the South Beach Diet but sooooo worth it! ; )

Glad you got to spend time with good friends and get the much needed "mental health break". God is good!

D.L. White said...

Mmm...that sounds good Elizabeth!

The Trousered Ape said...

i'm very proud of you that you went without me even though i missed you immensely. i'm glad you had fun with "da friends". i can't wait to go with you next time and hang out.

i'm glad you had a good time, but i'm especially glad that you are back home! :)


D.L. White said...

Awww...thanks sweetie.
I'm glad to be back too! :)

Laura said...

"da friends"... good one, Shawn!

Kathleen said...

Chad: If you read this, your baby is soooooo adorable and beautiful!

It sounds like the trip was fantastic. :D I am so glad everything worked out so well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathleen. We like her too. Davina showed us some pics of your little one. Very cute as well! - Chad