Friday, March 14, 2008

Let's get LOST! (Episode 7 - Ji Yeon)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of LOST yet…
Don't say you weren’t warned. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk LOST!

You know, I'm beginning to feel like a broken record, because each week I say: "This show is awesome!" "Isn't this show awesome?" "That episode was awesome!" But seriously, and at the risk of thoroughly repeating myself... isn't this show awesome? Here are my favorite moments of the night...

I thought this was the most shocking line/revelation of the night:

Juliet (speaking to Jin): "Sun had an affair with another man. She thought the baby wasn't yours."

Yikes! Juliet totally dropped the bomb on Jin! Didn't see that one coming! Although I'm not so sure I completely understand why Juliet felt that sharing that information would help her win her case and convince Sun that she needed to get off the island at all costs or she was going to die. Why didn't Juliet just describe all the symptoms in detail to Sun, like she ended up telling her later? Why did she feel the need to play that card? As much as I love the writers of this show, and think they are brilliant, I must say I feel like this was a weak excuse for them to get that information out there. It's obvious they needed it revealed, in order to progress Sun and Jin's relationship, and this was the only way they could come up with. Still doesn't change the fact that it was a shocking moment.

I thought this was the most heartbreaking line/moment of the night:

Sun: "I named her Jin Yeon, just like you wanted..."

How could your eyes not tear up at the sight of Sun presenting her newborn daughter to her father's grave? And what a revelation that Jin is dead! he really dead or did he just not make it off the island, and she's lying about his death (i.e. being complacent with the lie that all the other passengers perished, as seems to be the case with Jack, Hurley and Kate). The writers walked that fine line again, where it was just ambigous enough that we can't be sure Jin is truly dead. I guess I was always subconsciously assuming that if Sun were to be one of the Oceanic 6, that Jin would automatically be with her. Why would a married couple be seperated? Why would one leave the other one behind, especially after all they had been through - the reconcilliation of their marriage, the new flowering of their affection for each other, and the miracle of their unborn child? I think I will be seriously bummed if Jin is, in fact, dead and unable to share in the victory of their new life and new child.

And finally, here's my favorite line/moment of the night:

Jin: "Give me time. I've only been married two months."

With this line, it was fully revealed to the audience that the Jin sequences of this episode were actually a flashBACK and Sun's scenes were flashFORWARDS.

Just when we viewers thought we'd gotten a handle on all the flashback and flashforward plot devices, as well as Desmond's time jumping, the writers sent us on another rollercoaster loop. We got totally PLAYED last night, as the writers incorporated a flashback AND a flashforward into the same episode. Nice. I love it that they are playing around with their own conventions, all while staying true to the story and true to the fans. They definitely know the story they want to tell, but they also know their audience as well - and that makes for some fun, good storytelling.

Did you notice that my most shocking moment of the night WASN'T the revelation that Michael was on the freighter? Yeah... I think we all saw that one coming, didn't we? Although I did love the expression on Sayid's face when he shook hands with Michael. It said, "Hello, 'Kevin Johnson', I can't wait to beat you to a pulp later, when no one is looking." So the question now is this - is Michael Ben's inside man? Also, do you think the captain can be trusted? If his story is true, then why in the world would Ben go through such an elaborate and expensive cover-up of the crash? To protect the island? And where did he get all the dead bodies from - Corpse R Us? I invite you to share your thoughts and theories in the comments section. Let the intense speculation begin!


Laura said...

Well, I'm still processing the events from last night so I don't have much speculation to put forth yet!

I thought it was a nice gesture for the writers to give the audience a few seconds to "talk amongst ourselves" after Jin's shocker and we realized his scenes were flashbacks. I'm sure they knew everyone would immediately start saying "what the... (your choice of word here)" and we would need time to grasp what had just happened.

Then Sun and Hurley's scene was so sweet, but I wonder why exactly Hurley was glad no one else was coming. He's such a nice guy so what's up with that? Interesting.

Yeah, I thought that was played so well. Kudos to the writers for pulling off a new switcheroo!

Neena said...

One comment I wanted to leave was about Juliet telling Jin about the affair. I think she knew that was her only way to make Jin stay a little longer at the beach so she could finally convince Sun that she needed to get off the island. I thought it was nicely played on that part even though I couldn't believe she told him.

D.L. White said...

Hey Laura - good question about Hurley...why was he happy that no one else was coming? And why didn't they come? They all have golden tickets from Oceanic...

Hi Neena!!! Thanks for the comment. I think you're right - Juliet said it to keep Jin on the beach and, in turn, keep Sun at the beach and give her more time to convince them. I guess I hadn't really thought of that. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

D.L. White said...

Check this out, the Washington Post is doing a LOST bracket to determine the most favorite LOST character. Kinda fun.

astraughnomer said...

well i have to comment before tomorrow night! like i said, after this episode (even though i *really* hate to admit it, even to myself), i'm starting to believe maybe Ben isn't the bad guy. or, the baddest guy. :) he's definitely psycho, but Widmore seems like the greater of two evils.

...but then again Ben did gas the whole island...did he find out that the Dharma intiative was really up to lots of no good?? good stuff.

D.L. White said...

That's one of the big questions isn't it? Are the Others and - more specifically Ben - the good guys or the bad guys? If Ben is a "good" guy, his techniques for handling situations and his actions certainly are suspect and don't jive with being "good". Dude has issues.

I can't wait until all the final BIG answers are revealed...but at the same time I don't want it to end! It's too much fun!