Monday, March 17, 2008

Let's get LOST! (Episode 8 - Meet Kevin Johnson)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of LOST yet…
Don't say you weren’t warned. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk LOST!

So, was it as much of a cliffhanger as you were expecting it to be? I hope you savored every moment, because now all us Losties are going to go into LOST withdrawals until the remaining five shows start airing on April 24th.

I chose that picture above, to give everyone a little refresher on our dear Michael. We haven't seen him since he sailed off into the sunset with Walt at the end of season two (which was two years ago, in our time). Let's not forget, he killed two innocent people (Libby and Ana Lucia), and sold out four other innocents (Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley), just to get his son back and get them both off the island. I know it's the whole "what a dad would do for his child" argument... but was that really justification enough for murder? Remember, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley on the dock, tied up, gagged, and giving Michael those dirty looks as he drove the boat away? Remember how much you hated him at that moment? (Or at least I did.) I think I'd like to watch the final episode of Season 2 and then re-watch last night's episode, to help with all the emotional continuity.

Having said all that, and before I get to my favorite moments of the evening, I thought I'd point out one more thing. You may think Michael is trying to redeem himself for his past transgressions, by agreeing to work for Ben in order to "save" the people on the island. However, as an extremely astute member of our viewing party pointed out last night, Michael is still acting out of selfish reasons or motivations. Instead of sticking it out and trying to repair his relationship with Walt, and deal with the consequences of his actions, he just wants to avoid it all by committing suicide. The only way he can die, it turns out, is if he's back on the island, since the "island won't let him die", according to Mr. Friendly. So, he's agreed to go on a suicide mission for Ben. Ben might have presented it to Michael as a way for him to find retribution, but in the end, Michael's motivations are still cowardly and selfish, which is in keeping with his character. There's a lot to talk about with this show, so let's get to it.

I thought this was the most shocking line/revelation of the night:

Mr. Friendly (to Michael): "You've got work to do."
Tied with...
Rousseau and Karl getting shot.

I was not expecting Tom to walk out of the alley, were you? So now we know that Ben and Richard aren't the only ones that can come and go off the island. I thought Michael's plot line, as to how Ben managed to get him to work for him, was well constructed and satisfying. (As an aside, now we also know why Tom told Kate she wasn't his type, when they were standing in the shower room at the beginning of season three. Looks like Tom is a little light in the loafers.)

I think I was more shocked when someone (I'm assuming the Others) opened fire on Karl and Rousseau. It totally came out of nowhere and made me gasp outloud. I really hope Rousseau isn't mortally wounded. That will be the real cliffhanger for me - to see if she lives or dies. I have grown to really like her character. It's funny to think back at how distrusting I was of her in the beginning. She's a savvy, tough old broad... I hope it "'tis but a flesh wound" and she gets up and starts kicking some more tail soon. I wonder if Ben instructed the Others to shoot Karl and Rousseau if they ever saw them again, since we know how possessive Ben can be and how it really ticks him off that his adopted daughter has disowned him for her boyfriend and her mother. I wonder if Ben sending them to the Temple was a set-up? He could kill two birds with one stone (pun intended) - get rid of Karl and Rousseau and protect Alex. Ben is calculating and shrewd enough, I wouldn't put it past him.

I thought this was the most heartbreaking line/moment of the night:

Michael's mom: "I thought you were dead. They said your plane crashed in the middle of the ocean, but you show up here fine and dandy. Only, I can't tell anybody about you or Walt. Can't call you by your real names. He barely talks to me. But he does wake up screaming in the middle of the night and I'm the one that's got to tell him that it's going to be okay. So, until you can explain to me where you were for over two months and what happened, you gave up your rights!"

I don't know who that actress is, that played Michael's mom, but she had me in tears. Which is an amazing acomplishment, since we've never met her before, and there was no emotional build up to that scene per se. She was such a good actress that, in that one small bit of dialog, she really conveyed all the pain her and Walt had been going through. And kudos to the writers, for acknowledging the horrible after-affects of the crash and the consequences of Michael's choices.

And finally, here's my favorite line/moment of the night:

Miles (to Michael): "Your name isn't Kevin... But don't worry, 80 percent of the people on this boat are lying about something."
Tied with...
On LOST, you may be dead, but you're never gone...

I love it that on this show, as an actor, your character can be killed off two seasons ago and you may still have work on the show. I enjoyed seeing Libby again, even if it was only in a vision. We also saw Tom, Naomi and Minkowski. You just never know who is going to pop up.

So, what's going to happen, now that Sayid ratted Michael out to the captain? Is Ben really a good guy or a bad guy? Is Widmore the evil one? Who really is the mastermind behind the fake crash? The captain told Sayid and Desmond it was Ben. Ben and Tom told Michael that it was Widmore. What is Ben and Widmore's history? Why are they rivals? Another question, where does Ben's "list" come from? Is it Ben, Jacob or someone else that decides who the good people are and who should or shouldn't be on the list? (I thought that was Santa Claus' job - nice list, naughty list - get it?) I mean, who has a right to decide which lives can be spared and which ones are expendable?

What did you think? Was the episode surprising? Satisfying? I invite you to share your thoughts and theories in the comments section. But pace yourselves...we've got four weeks to speculate and wait. ;)


D.L. White said...

I just read something interesting online. For those of you who read the "Dark Tower" series, you know what a "ka-tet" is. And we know the writers of LOST are big Stephen King fans. Someone online just suggested that the Oceanic 6 are a ka-tet. Nice.

Also, I guess we now know who the official Oceanic 6 are: Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Aaron, Sun.

D.L. White said...

Something else I read online that was pretty funny. I guess back in the day, Losties would place bets on how many times Michael would scream "WAAAALLLT" per episode. Or they would turn it into a drinking game. Hilarious.

The Trousered Ape said...

From The Dark Tower pages at wikipedia: A ka-tet is a group of beings brought together by ka. "We are ka-tet. We are one from many," says Roland Deschain on the day before the Battle of Algul Siento.[1] Ka-tet is the belief that a group of people can be tied together by fate, or ka. It is said that a group has shared "khef" or the water of life. Sometimes the symbol of water is used literally, as in a ritual Roland and his ka-tet performs the night before the battle of Algul Siento. In the seventh novel, Susannah Dean, who ends up understanding ka maybe more than Roland himself, comes to the understanding that in simple terms, "ka-tet" means family.

I found it interesting in talking about the symbol of water - in terms of LOST they are on an island with water all around.

D.L. White said...

Nice! Thanks for posting that! :)

raven said...

I can't say why for sure yet, but I feel like Ben is less evil then Whitmore. I think it is more likely that Whitmore is the one who staged the fake plane crash site.

I like hearing about the idea of Ka-tet. Very interesting.

I am not sure Rouseau is dead, because I don't think her character is "done" yet. I think she will just be wounded.

The people who were shotting were the second batch of freigter people (the helecopter was gone), remember the ones that had the guns who were shooting target shots over the ocean and Michael asked, "what are you guys really doing?" I don't think the Other's shot them at all. They were not at the Temple yet, but just taking a break on their way.

D.L. White said...

Wow! Good observation Raven! Maybe it's the militia men from the freighter who are doing the shooting! Although they would had to have snuck off the freighter without Desmond or Sayid noticing...otherwise they (and we, the viewers) would have seen them leaving.

raven said...

But remember when Sayid asked where the helocopter was and they told him they had taken some more poeple over to the island? It was the militia men I think.

D.L. White said...

Oh, I must have totally missed that.

Laura said...

I'm finally able to read/respond to this post since I got a new power supply for my laptop today. I feel like I've been on vacation for a week! It's pretty sad that I missed being able to "talk" to my fellow Losties so much!

I enjoyed the show and getting to see Michael off the island was interesting. However I can't really say there were any big shockers for me like some of the other shows. (I think the implied sexual orientation of Mr. Friendly was in bad taste.)

I was surprised that Karl and Danielle got shot, but I don't think Danielle is dead. I like her character and I'm not ready for her to be gone yet. I guess I should say I hope she's not dead.

I still hate Michael.