Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's get LOST! (Episode 9 - The Shape of Things to Come)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of LOST yet…
Don't say you weren’t warned. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk LOST!

I don't even know where to begin. I am so speechless after tonight's episode. Yet at the same time, I want to talk about everything! Ben is in a parka in Tunisia. The doc from the freighter is dead. For a while, we thought Claire was dead. We learned how Sayid willingly volunteered his skills as an assassin to Ben. Smokey returns (and he's cranky!) Bernard knows morse code. The personal feud between Ben and Widmore was confirmed. All I know, is that this show is AWESOME! I'll try to pull out some of my favorite moments...

I thought this was the most shocking event of the night:

Ben: "She's not my daughter. I kidnapped her when she was a baby. She means nothing to me. She's just a pawn."

BANG! (Alex falls to the ground dead.)

I think Ben really did love Alex, and I think he was saying those things to show she wasn't worth anything to him, to get the freighter militia men to release her. Talk about a plan backfiring. I was so shocked, I couldn't breathe. Then, (I'll admit it) I started crying. Alex was an innocent throughout all of this. She didn't deserve the death she received. Now, my question to you is, who really is responsible for her death? Is Ben responsible, because he risked her life in trying to manipulate the stand-off situation, even though he technically didn't pull the trigger? Is Widmore responsible, because it was his men who did killed her, and they were working on his orders? Personally, I think they are both to blame. Turns out Alex ended up being the very thing Ben said she was... a sad pawn in a tragic game. But more on that in a minute...

I thought this was the most heartbreaking moment of the night:

Sayid: "Just let me bury my wife in peace."

We weren't even given a chance, as viewers, to celebrate with Sayid in his being reunited with Nadia, and enjoy that triumphant moment. In the same breath that we learn Sayid and Nadia were reunited, we learn that she is dead. Yeah, I'll admit it, I cried again. Maybe it was just a weepy night for me.

And finally, here's my favorite moment of the night:

Widmore (to Ben): "You creep into my bedroom in the dead of night like a rat, and have the audacity to pretend that you're the victim? I know who you are, boy. What you are. I know that everything you have you took from me..."

The showdown between Ben and Widmore in Widmore's London penthouse was riveting. Why did Ben say he can't kill Widmore? Why did Widmore claim the island belongs to him and that Ben took it from him? Why can't Widmore find his way back to the island? Does Widmore have Penny hidden away somewhere?

What a sad, dark episode. First, we see Alex die. Then we see Nadia die. Finally, we learn that Penny's life is in danger. We've reached a very dark and tragic part of this story. I'm looking forward to finding hope again. (Where's Rose when you need her?) The grief, anger and revenge of Sayid and Ben was palatable. (Which gives kudos to their amazing acting skills as well as the writers who are crafting this story.) I was so sad for Sayid. Then I thought about Jack hooked on drugs, Aaron growing up without his real mother, Hurley back in the mental ward. Is there no hope for anyone to survive this experience and come out on top? Although, the second act of a play is always the dark point, full of conflict, then the third act is when everything is resolved. Perhaps we've entered the second act, as it were, of LOST's story arc?

What did you think? Are you as nervous for Penny and Desmond as I am? I invite you to share your thoughts and theories in the comments section.


Laura said...

I can't wait until my kids are in bed tonight so I can watch it again! There was something about this episode that I felt was like a launch for the rest of the show all the way to the finale. Interesting that it was a Ben-centric episode. We haven't had one of those for a long time.

My two favorite lines were Sayid to Ben, "Who's next?" (there's the link to the future when we saw Sayid working for Ben) and Sawyer calling Hurley "Chicken Little". That was a great nickname.

I thought Claire was dead, I'm sure the writers did that on purpose. It's possible the writers are trying to get the viewers to think she will die on the island, but I don't think she will because Desmond said he saw her leave in his vision. (I loved Hurley taking Aaron to the laundry basket for a bed... what a good daddy!) Did you notice Claire was wearing a wig?

The relationship between Widmore and Ben appears to be a long standing war with rules of engagement, I want to know more about that. I don't know how but I knew Ben went to call the smoke monster when he went to that cave in his secret closet. That was really weird and very scary that Ben was able to call it and then go outside and it didn't attack him or the losties with him.

We also saw Jack taking "antibiotics". I think that was a lie and he has started taking oxycodone again. But I'm not sure why yet.

This episode seemed to give the background for a lot of the flash forwards we've seen. Kudos to the writers for a show well done!

BTW, I'm worried about Penny, too.

raven said...

This episode was dark, you are right, but I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I just loved getting to see a new episode.

I was pretty impressed that Ben could call the smoke monster. Interesting development.

I was very sad to see his face when Alex died. I just wasn't expecting it to happen either. I just wonder what is behind the statement, "They changed the rules." Who is making these rules? Is there a consequence if you don't follow the rules? Interesting.

I liked getting to see how Sahid and Ben team up against Windemear.

Do you think Windemear was behind the Darama project, and when Ben killed everyone he took over? Somehow causing Windemear to not be able to find the island again?

Poor Penny. I don't think Desmond is going to be happy if Ben goes after his love. Desmond is the key to everything, so this should be interesting. Will he stop Ben? How? Can he even find Penny again?

D.L. White said...

I said the same thing - that we hadn't had a Ben episode in awhile. And I too, feel like this ramped the show up to yet another level. Great comments Laura and Raven!

I noticed Claire was wearing a wig too - I wonder if she's cut her hair in real life, or is working on a side project or something.

I thought Jack was starting to abuse pain medicines too, but then the previews for next week's show kinda hinted at the fact they might have actually been antibiotics.

Also - wasn't Tunisia where Charlotte Lewis found the polar bear skeleton? I wonder if it's a time travel portal or a teleportation portal, first tested on the polar bears, then Ben used it to escape the island?

astraughnomer said...

ooooh your last comment in your comment :), D., is very interesting indeed!! i bet you're right!! crazy crazy show. i love it! i can finally breathe again! :)

yeah, i think that Widmore's reference to Ben taking everything from him was bc Ben killed off the island, with the Dharma people, who Widmore was funding. maybe the reason that Ben said he couldn't kill Widmore is bc it would be against these "rules" that he references....and he actually is playing by them.

great episode. definitely worth the wait.

D.L. White said...

Here are a couple more thoughts (which I stumbled across on another site and felt worth mentioning here).

There's alot of hinting at games, especially in this episode. Hurley and Sawyer are playing Risk. Ben calls Alex a pawn (Chess) and says Widmore has "Changed the rules." Even in the past episodes there's been allusions to chess, backgammon, connect 4, poker. Is this all a big game to Ben and Widmore?

Here's the other interesting thought...Could it be that Ben can't kill Whidmore because they are each other's constant?