Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's get LOST! (Episode 12 - There's No Place Like Home)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of LOST yet…
Don't say you weren’t warned. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk LOST!

I can't believe the season finale is almost upon us, just when things are getting really really good! This week's episode was very splintered. There was a lot going on, which makes it really hard to write this post. Jack and Kate were running through the jungle chasing the helicopter, Ben and Locke were headed to the Orchid station, Sayid and Faraday were shuttling people to the freighter in the dingy, meanwhile Desmond found a HUGE pile of explosives inside the freighter. Then there's the flashforward of the Oceanic 6 and their welcome home. How do I possibly pick my favorite scenes? I'll try...

I thought this was the most shocking event of the night:

Sun (to her father): I just bought 50 percent shares of your company.
Tied with
Desmond: Sayid! Get down here right now! You need to see this!

Take a moment and think back to Season 1 and how meek and repressed Sun was. How much she has changed! I never imagined I'd see her standing up to her dad like she did in the flashforward. I think it's interesting that each one of the Oceanic Six is dealing with their grief in their own way. Sun is taking the revenge route. Hurley is taking the paranoia route. Jack takes the substance abuse to drown his pain route.

What was even more shocking though, was Desmond finding the ginormous pile of plastic explosives in the hull of the freighter. That discovery led to a whole host of questions: does Jin (who is on the freighter) really die? If the freighter gets blown up, how does Sun and Aaron (who are currently on the freighter survive? Are they going to kill Desmond? (They'd better not!) How do the other Oceanic Six manage to get back to civilization if the freighter is blown up? I hope the freighter gets transported with the island when they "move" it, because it is so close. I'm hoping that, mainly because I don't want Desmond to die.

I thought this was the most heartbreaking moment of the night:

The Oceanic Six step out of the cargo jet, to see that their families are waiting for them. Hurley runs to his family. Jack kisses his mom. But Sayid and Kate hang back. No one is there waiting for them.

I actually thought all of the flashforward scenes were tragic and touching. I loved it how Hurley is always thinking of others, and is compassionate to them. Did you see how he pulled Sayid over and introduced him to his family and his mom gave him a big hug? I cried when Sayid and Nadia were reunited later. What a bittersweet homecoming, and what great acting on the part of the actors portraying the Oceanic 6, you could see the conflict on all their faces. You could also see how they were trying to fit back into society, but that things will never be the same. They can never go back to normal again. What I want to know is, did they come up with the lie themselves, about what really happened after the crash, in order to protect the survivors they left behind? Or is someone forcing them to lie?

And finally, here's the funny moment of the night:

Hurley's Mom: Jesus Christ is not a weapon!
Tied with
Hurley (to the reporter): Dude, was that directed at me?
Tied with
Sayid: Interesting choice of a party theme... (referring to the island/luau theme)
Hurley: mom just...doesn't...get it.

Once again, the funniest lines of the night go to Hurley and his mom. Concerning the press conference, I appreciated it that the writers on the show didn't shy away from the obvious questions about the Oceanic Six, such as Kate's supposed pregnancy, and the fact they all look healthy, for people who supposedly survived on an island for several months.

This episode was a great set-up for the season finale, although I'm already dreading the long wait until the next season. The group is so splintered - from the beach to the jungle to the freighter to the Orchid station - how are they all going to re-join in order for the six to be saved? What did you think? What are your most outstanding questions? Do you think the flashforwards are the actual future or a potential future? What did you think of yet another Wizard of Oz reference (in the title of the show)? I invite you to share your thoughts and theories in the comments section.


Laura said...

I watched this episode again on Thursday, since LOST wasn't on. It felt so much like a season finale, the one next week will probably be a killer of a cliff hanger!

I only have a couple of comments though. I wonder if Claire in some kind of "ghost form" hitches a ride on the chopper off the island, since Desmond told Charlie he saw her and Aaron leave. Aaron has been seen off the island, but we don't know what happens to Claire yet. Why is she with Christian if he's supposed to be dead? That is a real puzzler!

We also have more proof that Faraday will time travel because he had a note in his journal about the Orchid station. I think he will become a stronger character in the future as we learn more about his knowledge of the island.

The survivor date on the island is up to day 100 at the end of episode 12. At the press conference, the Oceanic spokesperson says the Oceanic 6 washed up on the remote fishing island on day 108. It looks like the next 3 seasons only have 8 days of story left. Wow, I bet the writers are going to jam those remaining days full of freaky stuff!

raven said...

The entire episode, the groups all diverging together reminds me of the epic battle at the end of Watership down. Could the helecopter/Frank be the bird, is the Smoke monster the dog. I haven't thought about these parallels in a long time, but they flashed through my head at the end of this episode. I had forgotten about the comparisons to Watership Down this entire season until now.

D.L. White said...

Good comments and observations you guys! I can't wait for this week's show! (although I will be sad that it will be over until next season)

Laura said...

I had another thought about last weeks show, what if moving the island isn't actually a physical move, but they move the island in time?

That might explain a lot of the stuff in the flash forwards, like why Jack might want to go back in time to change some decisions since his life is a mess in the future and why Kate doesn't want to go back because her life seems perfect with a son and no jail time. Hmm...

D.L. White said...'s not a matter of "where" they are going to move it to, but of "when" they are going to move it to. Nice. Boy - your brain must be cranking on overdrive!! I love all this stuff you've been coming up with!