Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Random List of Favorite Things

Sorry I’ve slacked off on my posting schedule lately. The last two weeks have been seriously taxing on my brain, my sleep cycle and my emotions. I have several blog articles “on deck” as it were, but no brain power to give them the writing attention they deserve. So, I present to you, another random list of a few of my “favorite things”. Sometimes we need to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Here are a few that made me smile and helped get me through the day.

Gummi candy is a guilty pleasure of mine. The fruity flavors, the playful colors, the chewy texture, the complete lack of nutritional value… how can you go wrong? Recently, I was on a road trip with my brother and we stopped at a convenience store to re-stock our “road snacks”. He bought a package of gummi bears, and we instantly reverted back to our childhood selves. We spent the next several miles squealing with glee as we bit off the little bears’ heads and fought over our favorite flavors. We laughed ourselves silly. I highly recommend Black Forest Gummy Bears and Trolli Peachie O’s peach rings. The peach rings are especially good, because they are coated with coarse sugar, for an added sugar high. Plus, they really taste like and (kind of) look like peaches, so you can convince yourself you’re eating the real fruit and can feel less guilty about your splurge. Or, at least, that’s how my mind works…ahem…uh… onto the next item.

I love my gel eye mask. Have your eyes swelled shut from severe allergies or do you get painful sinus headaches? Maybe you’re sporting matched luggage under your eyes from lack of sleep? Maybe you just cried your eyes out at whatever drama is in your life or simply because your favorite character just got the ax on your favorite TV show… (poor Charlie …sniff… yeah, I still haven’t gotten over it). I’ve suffered from almost all of these situations lately, and nothing is more soothing than a gel eye mask. What’s nice is it can be stuck in the freezer, or it can be warmed up in some hot water, depending on what kind of therapeutic temperature you need. Many thanks go out to Raven for purchasing me a mini spa set that included one.

Hearing your new favorite song on the radio is always an unexpected surprise. You're cruising along, listening to the same old stuff they always play on the radio, when all of a sudden, there is your new favorite tune. You crank the volume nob and life is a little more fun for about four minutes. There are two new songs out right now that I'm very addicted to. One of them is "Love Me Dead" by Ludo, who sound like a cross between All American Rejects and Bowling for Soup. The song rocks and lyrics always make me laugh. The video for the song is pretty funny too. The other song that I can't seem to get enough of right now is "Afterlife" by Avenged Sevenfold. If you pull up to a stoplight and see a blond girl in the car next to you holding up a rockfist and headbanging, with this song blaring out her car speakers, well....that would be me... Who said rock and roll is dead?

The TV show Burn Notice is an hour of escapism at its finest. When I need to just relax and not think about my day, it's the perfect distraction. The show is about a spy who has been "burned" or basically fired. He spends each show using his "special skills" to help people for extra money, all while trying to find out why he was wrongfully set-up and "burned". He gets help from his ex-girlfriend (a former IRA agent) and a former spy friend, who is now retired. It stars one of my favorite actors, Jeffrey Donovan (loved him in "Touching Evil") and one of my all-time absolute favorite actors, Bruce Campbell (Hail to the king, baby!). The writing is quick, clever and witty, and the action is terrific, but it's the chemistry between the actors that really seals the deal. The new season starts July 10th. Click here to go to the show's website and learn more.

Those may all be little trivial things, momentary pleasures, but there is one big thing that helped me get through the last two weeks, and that was my friends. One friend gave me a word of encouragement that was so timely, I soared on it for a good day or two. Another friend helped me to laugh when I didn't think there was anything to laugh about. One friend had a sympathetic listening ear, and didn't try to fix things for me, but was just there to listen. Another friend send me an unexpected little pick-me-up in the mail that made me smile. One friend constantly challenges me to let go and not be so uptight. And yet another friend spoke some hard truths to me and challenged me to push myself. And then there is my husband, my best friend, who does all of these things and more. He's my safe place to come home to at the end of a crummy day. He makes me laugh, and I love him more and more with every passing second. (I know, that was completely mushy, but totally true.) And most of all, every one of you prays for me. Where would I be without you all? (The loony bin, I suspect.)

So there it is, my list of favorite things, that helped me to survive the last couple of weeks. What are some of your favorite things? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Laura said...

What a fun post to read.

I have a few favorite things too...

1. Food- I love good chocolate. By good I mean European chocolate. I very rarely eat domestic chocolate, even Cadbury is made in the US by Hershey and they changed the recipe and added way more sugar. Not as good as what you get in England. I go out of my way to buy Ritter Sport chocolate imported fromt Germany. My fave flavors are Butter Biscuit (a slightly sweet biscuit with hazelnut creme covered with milk chocolate) and Cappuccino. Mmm... I need to make a trip to World Market to stock up on chocolate, I'm all out!

2. Drink- My current fave grown-up drink, along with everyone else, is the Mojito. The mint is especially good during the hot summer and reminds me of putting mint from my grandmother's garden in my iced tea... but with a kick!

3. Movie- I know you already know this DL, but I loved Kung Fu Panda. I just wasn't expecting it to be as cute as it was. It's certainly a kids movie, but there are so many really bad movies out there I was pleasantly surprised to see something with a good story, funny dialogue and great cg animation.

4. TV Show- I love LOST, so surprise there. But I also love Pushing Daisies and I'm so glad it's coming back! It has a music-video feel with lots of bold colors, cool sets, music and camera angles that make me feel like I'm dreaming. You'd love it, DL. I also enjoy The Office, but I always have to remind myself they are actors and not real people making inappropriate comments to each other. And then there's Flight of the Conchords. Paper dolls and people, they're a similar shape...

5. Music- I really don't get to hear current music very much. I get some through my hubby or my friends if they really like something and share it with me ; ) I guess FOTC falls into this category, I could watch them on YouTube all day.

6. Friends- I am so blessed to have many friends, but DL, you are on my short list of people I like to spend my free time with!

D.L. White said...

Wow... you totally have me salivating for a good piece of chocolate now! :P you're so right - European chocolate is much better! And FOTC never ceases to make me laugh, no mater how many times I've seen them...

Thanks for sharing your list! :D

Oh, and by the way, in regards to your #6 - right back at ya! I'm so glad to be able to call you friend! :D

Jes said...

Reeces Cups

Iced Coffee with Rice Milk

Watching the West Wing to get my head clear and hone up on my humor

A good swim with the kids on a hot day

A good swim with Shane when they're asleep

Time in the favorite, and that which keeps me human.:)

Love you, D!

D.L. White said...

Mmmm... Reece's Peanut Butter Cups! :P

The Trousered Ape said...

Oooh - Peanut Butter Cups - those are scrumcious...

Loony bin? That is a lot better than the dust bin, at least in the loony bin they will clean you off. :)

@ Laura - that has to be one of FOTC's best songs - hilarious!