Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's get LOST! (Season 5 Poster)

Such a simple poster, yet so profound.

Hello, my fellow fanatic Losites! Time to over-analyze, pick-apart and speculate about this new piece of information from our favorite show! It's just a little tidbit... but let's devour it nonetheless...

I like how the poster is split, to show the two camps of people, and I can't tell you how happy I am to see Faraday on the island side of the poster. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his character. I had been concerned about him, because when the island went "blooop" and disappeared, Faraday was still in the dingy out in the water somewhere. I was hoping he was within the circumference of the island's power and was transported with it. Or maybe he had his own way of getting back on the island...?

Should I be paranoid that one of my favorite characters, our "brotha" Desmond is so tiny and relegated to the background of the shot? Does that mean he's taking a lesser role? Or is it simply a marketing/artistic problem of fitting all of the Oceanic 6 and him on one side of the poster? Either way... he looks kinda goofy with short hair...

"Destiny Calls" - what does that imply? It brings up that classic LOST discussion between faith and fate. Do the survivors have any control over their lives or are they "destined" to do what the island (or Jacob) demands of them? I wonder if we're going to see more of Jacob this season? How are the Oceanic 6 going to get back to the island? Are Penny and Desmond going to help them locate it, now that Penny knows how to find it?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. :) I can't hardly wait until January 21st!


The Trousered Ape said...

Yay - great looking poster. I can't wait until the new season kicks off - I'm so excited.

Fate vs. Destiny...I guess if they didn't have control over their actions, then they wouldn't have been able to leave the island in the first place since they were told over and over again that they weren't supposed to.

This next season I can see this show going in a totally different direction and being much more up-tempo and Jack tries to wrangle people back to the island and they put up resistance. Season 5 looks to be a fun ride. :)

chandy said...'s going to be so awesome! When last season ended, January seemed so far away, but it will be here soon!

It seems like the cast is dwindling down.

Kate's not holding Aaron...What really happened to Claire? Will we see more from Richard (eyeliner guy) and that Matthew Aba-what's his name...

It's going to be fun!

D.L. White said...

Oooo... good catch Chandy! I didn't even notice that Aaron wasn't in the shot. Again... is it just a stylistic thing - that they couldn't fit everyone on the poster, or does this mean something more?

Argh! The waiting is killing me!

D.L. White said...

New footage from Lost's season five just premiered as part of the Fray's new video for "You Found Me"! Check it out!

Click here.