Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's get LOST! (Episode 6 - 316)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of LOST yet…
Don't say you weren’t warned. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk LOST!

Normally I would do a quick recap of the show here, before discussing my favorite moments of the evening.  However, I've been sick with worry and find myself only wanting to talk about one thing... did Ben kill Penny?  Before he left, he said, "Oh, I made a promise to an old friend of mine--just a loose end that needs tying up."  Then we see him at a boat dock, covered in blood, obviously from a fight of some kind.  Penny was on a boat.  Ben promised Widmore he would kill his daughter in exchange for Widmore's men killing Alex.  I cannot even begin to tell you how nervous I am that he killed her.  I hope he just tried and Desmond showed up in the nick of time and beat the tar out of him instead.  As I try to calm my anxious thoughts for Penny, let's try to talk about my favorite moments from the evening...

I thought this was the most shocking event of the night:

Ms. Hawking:  "This is the Lamppost..."
Tied with
Voice on Intercom:  "Welcome to Ajira Airlines, this is your Captain, Frank J. Lapidus..."
Tied with
Jin in a Dharma jumpsuit!!!

There were so many shocker moments, I have no ability to pick just one.  First of all, we knew Ms. Hawking had that weird underground time travel lab with the pendulum, but I had no idea it was going to be a Dharma station.  How wild was that?  And I didn't even see it coming when Lapidus ended up being the pilot on the plane.  I wonder if he got zapped to the island with everyone else?  I liked his character, so I wouldn't mind if he stuck around for a little while this season.  And what was up with Jin in the brand new Dharma van, wearing a Dharma "workman" jumpsuit?  Is he undercover?  Has he been brainwashed and succumbed to the Dharma propaganda?  The van looked brand new, does that mean it's the seventies and that's "when" we are?

I thought this was the most heartbreaking moment of the night:

Hurley: "No, no - check the computer again.  I bought up all those tickets.  Hugo Reyes.  They're all in my name."
Airline Attendant:  "But sir, these passengers are waiting to travel..."
Hurley:  "They can wait for the next one."

I wouldn't call this scene so much as heartbreaking, but more heartwarming.  Hurley is such a sweet spirit, always thinking about others.  He's such a loving person.  The fact that he tried to save any other passengers from being killed in a second airplane crash reminded me of all the other times he's looked out for other people, like when he built the golf course to give the survivors a distraction and some stress relief.  Or when he passed out food to everyone, and stopped to give pregnant Claire two meals instead of one.  Or even when he got the flight manifest and tried to account for the living and the dead, and suggested they have a funeral for the deceased.  In a very quiet way, Hurley truly is the best kind of hero on this show.

And finally, here's the funny moment of the night:

Lapidus slowly scans the airplane cabin, sees all the Oceanic 6 on board, realization dawns, and he says: "We're not going to Guam, are we?"
Tied with
Jack: "How can you read?" (i.e. at a time like this)
Ben: "My mother taught me."

I love the change that comes over Lapidus' face, when he recognizes that all Oceanic 6 are on the plane, and his matter-of-fact delivery of the line "We're not going to Guam, are we?"  I really do hope he gets zapped to the island so we can see more of him.  His character brings a fun dynamic to the group, especially because he's not "in" on all the island business, but just rolls with it anyway.  

And how surreal is it, to see Ben just hanging out with Jack and the other Oceanic 6?  It was only a few months ago that he was lying about who he was and they had he locked in a gun safe and Sayid was beating him senseless.  It was only a month or two ago that Jack nearly killed him on the operating table.  It was only a month or two ago that Ben had Kate locked up in a cage.  Ah, memories...  so weird to see him sitting on a plane, reading a book, like just an ordinary person.  But he's still the ruthless Ben... I wanted to smack him when Jack asked him what was going to happen to all the other people on the plane and Ben said, "Who cares?"  The man is evil, evil, evil, I tell you.  But that doesn't mean I couldn't help but laugh at his "reading" line to Jack.

Okay, that was a nice diversion from my anxious worry over Penny's fate... but now I'm worried again, not just for Penny but for Aaron.  What in the world did Kate do with Aaron?  And what of all things could it possibly be, that she would demand that Jack not ask her about it?  And how in the world could Jack "get it on" with her in such a weird situation?  I don't know about you, but baby-killing is not a turn-on for me.  For now, I will wonder if it's silly to pray for the safety of fictional characters, while you leave me a comment and let me know what some of your favorite moments were.


D.L. White said...

Forgot to mention, I really loved it when they mimicked the opening of Season 1, with the close up of Jack's eye, him lying in his suit in the middle of the jungle. Nice! I love the artistry of that echo...

monkeyboticus said...

Let's see... a secret island with "magic" powers and the ruins of a "LOST" civilization, a second smaller island, a "Lamp Post" to guide the way, a character named C. S. Lewis, a "Little Prince," a closet-ish area that one can walk into and then be somewhere/some time else. Pass the Chronic (What?!) cles of Narnia.

If Penneh was meant to go back to the island, maybe the island wouldn't allow Ben to kill her.

D.L. White said...

Hmmm. I thought of Narnia when I saw the lamp post on the Dharma station. I didn't realize how many other similarities there were though, until you pointed them out. So does that make Ben the white witch? Maybe that explains the polar bears... ha ha

Was Penny ever actually on the island? Now THAT'S a good question... Since it seems that Widmore grew up there (being an Other), I wonder if Penny was born on the island and they left before she was old enough to remember?

monkeyboticus said...

I'm still leaning toward Penneh and Desmond being Charles Widmore's parents. He is Baby Charlie - the Little Prince (Caspian?) They go back to the island to become Adam and Eve from the first season, and Charles joins the Others while there. Charles is 20 something in 1954, so I'm guessing they time shift back to the 30's, and that's where they live and die. Not sure yet what the significance of the rocks they (Adam and Eve) had on them is.

It would be very interesting if Ben were the re-imagining of the White Witch. Would that make Locke the Lion? Who is Mr. Tumnus? Michael? Guyliner?

D.L. White said...

Thinking about Penny and Desmond being Charles' parents makes my head hurt. Is that even possible??

monkeyboticus said...

Totally possible. They go back to the island (and back in time) with Charlie. Charles joins the others and becomes their leader. He steals Penneh from someone on the island (a la Ben) and calls her HIS daughter knowing that someday she will become his mother. He treats Desmond poorly knowing the Desmond will one day become his father, and to keep him on track to the island. If he doesn't get Desmond to the island it will ruin his own space/time continuum.

Or something...

Jessie said...

My favorite line was "We're not going to Guam are we?" CLASSIC!

This was a great episode. I am loving this show.

D.L. White said...

I know! Every time I think of that line it makes me smile. And he delivered it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'm really scared about penny, that's what i thought too when ben said he had something to do. :(

i hadn't noticed all the narnia connections before! except the c.s. lewis.

i love how weird stuff keeps popping up. e.g. i'm reading "the omnivore's dilemma" (excellent book btw) and it mentions a guy named...guess what...Jeremy Benthem. turns out he was an 18th cent. utilitarian philosopher who was an animal rights activist. who knew. :)


D.L. White said...

@ Amber - oh no - LOST is colliding with your real world! Don't get on a plane anytime soon! lol :P