Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's Get LOST! (Episode 9 - Namaste)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of LOST yet…
Don't say you weren’t warned. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk LOST!

Grab your bell-bottom pants and your big-collared paisley-print shirt, Losties, 'cause it's time to disco! Say "Namaste" to 1977 and the Dharma Initiative! The gang's all here... sort of... so let's get talking!

I thought this was the most shocking event of the night:

Little Ben (to Sayid): My name is Ben.
tied with
Radzinski: Well, that was the last station to check in, the Looking Glass, and they have no record of a plane crash either.

I had a sneaky suspicion (as I think most of you Losties did too) that the plane full of non-Oceanic 6 passengers crashed in a different time than when the Oceanic 6 purple-light-beamed themselves to. That was confirmed on tonight's show, along with the fact that the crash is located on Alcatraz (i.e. the smaller station where the Hydra station is located). How terrific is Lapidus, guiding that plane down with a cool hand. I want him to be my pilot the next time I fly! But what I don't understand, is why Sun, who was part of the Oceanic 6, didn't purple-light-beam jump with the rest of the six? Is it because the Island knows she has dark intentions? She has become such a ruthless person, and has changed so much since the repressed gal we first met in Season 1 and I don't much like her now. I thought the hope of finding Jin alive would change her some. Although she's nursed her hatred and revenge for the last three years, so I guess I shouldn't expect her to shrug that off overnight.

Also, most of us Losties did the math with a calendar, once we knew we were spending some of our time in the 70s, and figured we'd see Young Ben at some point, as part of the Dharma Initiative, but I didn't expect to see him this soon, or in this particular episode. When Sayid was looking at him, I couldn't help but immediately think of "Benry" locked in the weapons safe, eye all swollen shut, after Sayid had beaten the tar out of him. I wonder if that's what Sayid was thinking about. Maybe he was thinking about how Ben had conned him into being his hired assassin. Is Sayid (or someone else) going to try and put an end to things early, and kill Young Ben to avoid all the terribleness and death he causes later? Faraday and Mrs. Hawkings have both said that you can't change events. That the universe will course-correct. Would killing Young Ben now save the Dharma Initiative from the Purge? Or would the Others just find some other way to kill them off?

I thought this was the most heartbreaking moment of the night:

Sawyer (to Juliet): They came back.

There weren't too many heartbreaking or touching moments tonight, but when Sawyer sat down on the edge of the bed next to Juliet and told her the Oceanic 6 were back, it was so sad. You could feel the unspoken confusion, uneasiness and disappointment between them. They were happy and well adjusted in their new life together. The Oceanic 6 returning (more specifically Kate and Jack returning) severely complicates what they have going on. I'm not really as interested in this relationship quadrangle, as I am other aspects of this show, but I must admit, I'm curious as to how this is all going to play out. Are Juliet and Kate going to catfight? Is Jack going to rub it in Sawyer's face that he and Kate played house and were engaged?

And finally, here's the funny moment of the night:

Sawyer (to Radzinski): "Great thinking, Quickdraw!"

Another great line was Hurley saying, "I vote for not camping." All in all, there weren't many funny lines tonight. The show was intense and focused on moving the plot forward and getting the Oceanic 6 assimilated into the Dharma program.

So here's the remaining questions I have for tonight. How are Ben, Locke, Sun and Lapidus going to re-join the rest of the Losties, who are currently locked in the past? Are Sun and Jin ever going to be reunited? (I don't feel like Sun is really concerned about it. Perhaps she doesn't believe he's still alive? She obviously doesn't trust Ben as far as she can hit him with an oar.) How are they going to handle the Sayid problem? Where did Daniel Faraday go to, if he's no longer on the island? Did he go back to Oxford to start his experiments again? And what in the world is up with Christian Shephard? Is it really Jack's dad, or is Jacob just using his form? And where is Claire? (Other than appearing in the new Johnny Depp movie.) What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know - we have A LOT to talk about!


chandy said...

Funniest moment was seeing Jack in his 70's shirt, hands down. I thought he wore it well.

I really liked the tension between Jack and Sawyer, when Sawyer accused Jack of not thinking before he acts. I did think he was a bit too harsh to Jack, but you know where my loyalties are of course...

And how about baby Ethan? I couldn't tell if Juliet was more upset by the fact that she was holding a cute little baby that was going to turn into a bad guy, or if she was just sad that her time of playing house with Sawyer was going to get messed up by the evil Kate.

I liked Hurley's line from the preview next week..."They're, like, living together...not like roommates."

D.L. White said...

Oh yeah - creepy moment with baby Ethan!!! I totally forgot to mention that.

I thought it was interesting that Sawyer was trying to lord it over Jack that the tables were turned and he was in control now, but it backfired because it seemed like Jack was okay with it - like it was a relief. Maybe this will free Jack up to get past his whole issue of always feeling responsible and wanting to fix things and save people?

And I think Sawyer's gonna find out (like Jack did) that it's not so much fun to have to wear the "leader" crown.

New and interesting dynamics...

D.L. White said...

Okay, so I read a couple tidbits online yesterday, and had to go home and re-watch part of the show to verify them before posting it here.

When Christian Shephard is showing Lapidus and Sun the picture from 1977, the door is blow open by the wind behind them. You can then see faint tendrils of smoke or fog (Smokey?) curling in the door. Then the camera cuts to Shephard, then back to Sun and... there's someone sitting in the shadows behind Sun!!! All you can really see is blond hair and I think it's a woman. Claire maybe? Either way, it is really really creepy.

Laura said...

I really liked this episode (but that's no surprise!).

I totally pegged Ben as soon as I saw it was a kid coming to visit Sayid. I wonder, will Sayid tell young Ben about the time travel like Locke told Richard?

I want to know what's up with Ethan... when flight 815 crashed he was an Other, but now we find out he was born Dharma. That's been driving me crazy. Did Juliet really mess things up with the "you can't change the future/past" by successfully delivering a baby on the island? I need Faraday to do some 'splaining.

I agree, Sawyer let Jack know he's got the reigns now. Step off Jackie-boy!

Here's some trivia, did you notice the "Muppet Show" playing on one of the video monitors in The Flame? Too funny!

D.L. White said...

You're right - Ethan is an Other... so did he defect from Dharma to the Others before the Purge? Or did Juliet mess everything up by helping with the delivery? Is this a different Ethan than the one we met (that kidnapped Claire)? Is it just a red herring? Hmmm... inquiring minds want to know.

I hope the Muppets aren't part of Dharma's evil corporation!

Laura said...

Oooo, remember when Miles first got to the island and was looking for Ben he showed Juliet the pic of Ben in '70s clothes?! Maybe he (and Sun) DO get back to Dharma 1977!

Oh man, this show...!!!

Laura said...

Lostpedia is calling the baby Ethan Rom and his story line is listed from being born on the island to all the other stuff we saw (ie, going to see Juliet in Miami, kidnapping Claire, killed by Charlie, etc).

So, unless the fans at Lostpeidia are waaaay off, it's the same guy.

Laura said...

Maybe Ethan becomes an Other because he survived birth on the island, that could be a requirement for initiation...

Ben had said he was born on the island, but he wasn't (neither was Locke) that could be part of that puzzle... he wanted to be a "real" Other.

I don't really know, I just like thinking about all the little clues the writers so brilliantly place around.

D.L. White said...

Check this out! You can download a Geronimo Jackson song called "Dharma Lady" on I-tunes. Here's an article that talks more about it.

D.L. White said...

Here's a screen shot of the mysterious woman in the shadows behind Sun.

And I just had a "DUH!" moment while reading Lostpedia. Radzinsky - the guy building the model of the Swan hatch, will later run that hatch and take turns pushing the button with Kelvin.