Thursday, April 02, 2009

Let's get LOST (Episode 11, Whatever Happened, Happened)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of LOST yet…
Don't say you weren’t warned. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk LOST!

I don't know about you, but I was a little surprised when this episode picked up right where we'd left off last week. I was almost sure the writers would take us back to the present day with Sun, Locke and Ben, and let us suffer in agony, waiting to see how the Little Ben situation would resolve itself. Lucky for us the 1977 plotline continued! There were plenty of intense scenes in this Kate-centric episode, and I was pleased to have the focus rest on some heartfelt dialog and moments of great acting (as opposed to the flaming vans and explosions). I enjoy the mystery of the island and all the crazy action, but the thing that originally got me hooked on this show, was the character development (and the amazing acting). I was really happy to get back to some of that last night. Here are some of my favorite moments...

I thought this was the most shocking event of the night:

Jack: "No."
Kate: "What?"
Jack: "I said, no. I'm not going to help save Ben."

Mr. I-Need-To-Fix-Everything, had an opportunity to fix something and he said no?! I was totally shocked. I really appreciated it that Jack brought up what Ben had done to him, locking him in a glass cage, and how the only reason he operated on him last time was to save Kate. You could see the history of that emotion in his eyes. I think it's hard, when an audience like us, is involved in a piece of work with this much scope and depth, to remember everything that has transpired to these people. So I was glad for him to remind Kate (and the viewers) of some of that history. I loved it too, when Kate said, "I don't like this new Jack." and he said, "You forget Kate; you didn't like the old Jack either." Snap! Guess that relationship is OVER.

And was it me, or did Jack sound a lot like Locke when he was talking about the "The Island" and how it might be trying to fix things on it's own and he was just going to have faith and not interfere anymore. I guess Jack has given up the Savior-complex, the need to help, the need to make things right, and is at some kind of weird peace now. What a change for his character! It's kind of creepy... I'm interested to see where he's going.

(As an aside... this has really been nagging at me... why hasn't Jack gone through detox symptoms yet? Ben took his pills away only a couple of days before they got on the plane. In previous shows, when Jack ran out of drugs, he was a deluded shaking mess, screaming at pharmacists, making a scene in the hospital. If he was that badly hooked, he should be freaking out... Did the island "heal" him?)

I thought this was the most heartbreaking moment of the night:

Kate saying good-bye to Aaron.

I find it interesting that Kate - who didn't like kids, didn't want to be tied down by a kid, was always on the run - finally found stability and love by taking care of Aaron. It was so heartbreaking to see her walk away. I think there was a lot of unspoken emotions in several of the scenes with Kate and Aaron and Sawyer's ex, Cassidy. Her discussions with Cassidy were enlightening. Although I wasn't too sure about Cassidy's take on Kate's situation with Sawyer, until later when Kate confronted him and he confirmed it. I guess that relationship is OVER too. I appreciated it that Sawyer admitted he'd "grown up a lot in the last three years."

Also, I didn't realize that each of the Oceanic 6 had a different, more personal reason, for coming back to the island. I just figured they all came back to save those that were left behind, and because Ben told them they needed to. Sun's purpose is to find Jin. Sayid decided his purpose was to kill Little Ben. Jack doesn't know what his purpose is yet. Kate's purpose is to find Claire. I didn't see that one coming! I was so surprised and glad that her reason was more noble, than just simply coming back for Sawyer.

(Another aside... what was up with Kate so freely spilling the beans to Cassidy and Carole Littleton. What a way to keep a secret Kate! Why do you think she was so quick to tell them both the truth?)

And finally, here's the funny moment of the night:

Hurley: "Uh... that was really confusing."

Wasn't Hurley and Miles' discussion about time travel just great? Leave it to Hurley, to ask the practical questions that would be bugging anyone in that situation. And kudos to the writers for finding inventive ways to explain things to the audience without looking too obvious about doing it. I may have to watch that scene with Hurley and Miles a couple more times, to get my head straight on all this time travel business. I think the bottom line is that "whatever happened, happened" - they just haven't experienced it yet, with their present consciousness.

Speaking of time travel... Before the Oceanic 6 intervened in the past (1977) how did Ben become an Other? Would he have become one if Sayid hadn't shot him and caused that chain of events? Maybe this is just the universe course correcting? What do you make of what Richard said - that if he takes Ben to be healed, he will not remember any of this, will lose his innocence, and will "always be one of us." So it's Sayid-Kate-Jack-Sawyer's fault that Ben becomes evil? Would he have become evil anyways? What do you make of the Other saying that Ellie and Charles won't be happy, but Richard said that they're not in charge of him. And what's up with that temple? When will we get to see inside it?

What do you think? This episode has got me thinking about so many things... including some of the deeper themes of the show that haven't been as predominant in a while. (It's like the writers were reading my blog post from last week! ha ha) What do think about the importance of having a purpose in life? (i.e. each person having a purpose for returning to the island) Can we fight against our fate or destiny, or are we doomed to be evil, or cursed, or alone... etc. Leave me a comment and let's discuss!


chandy said...

I teared up when Kate said goodbye to Aaron. That was rough to watch. That poor kid just needs some stability in his life. Notice how there were no tearful goodbyes when Sun abandoned her daughter? Weird, huh?

I do wonder why Kate found it necessary to flirt with Roger Workman. Ew. What was up with that?

And I wonder what Kate's motive is for going to so much trouble to save it just that she has a soft spot for kids now, or is there something deeper than that?

I've been wondering...what on earth happened to Rose and Bernard? Why didn't they jump through time with the rest of the crew? Where are they?

Funny moment:
Locke says to Ben "Welcome to the land of the living."

Laura said...

I had a thought this morning about Ben... this show gets in my head and won't get out! :P

I remembered when Ben said he had been born on the island, which we found out was a lie. Last night Richard said Little Ben wouldn't remember anything and he'd be "different" from now on... maybe they told him he was born on the island.

Laurie B said...

So much to consider. As far as Jack not wanting to be the savior, I think he would have jumped at the chance to save anyone else but Ben, little or big, because of their history. I think he's tired of being in charge and Sawyer has made sure He's the one in charge right now, not Jack. He also may have finally learned the island is ultimately the one in charge. As far as his addiction being cured, Charlie's wasn't.

As for Kate wanting to save Little Ben, I agree it has something to do with her being a Mom and having a heart for children now. I feel so much better knowing Little Turnip Head is with grandma.

I know that whatever happened, happened but maybe Ben wasn't going to kill the Dharma people before he was taken by Richard. I remember back a few episodes when we saw Little Ben meet Richard in the jungle and Ben said he wanted to go with the Others but Richard said something like, You have a lot to do first. Was that it? At this time, Little Ben was happy enough to just go to the Others, but going back to Dharma now would be different because Ben's father has had a change of heart and would treat Ben differently now. This would mean Little Ben would most likely not kill the Dharma people. Unless he did it because of what happened to him when he was healed in the temple.

Remember that Kate and the rest of them don't know the history between the Linuses. I don't remember Ben ever sharing that, right? I think we just saw his flashbacks. Kate wouldn't have the instant dislike of Roger if she didn't know he was what made little Ben into the monster he is now, but maybe he didn't afterall. Maybe it was going with the Others that made him kill all the Dharma people. I'm so confused.

When Ben woke up and saw Locke, I wouldn't have thought he'd be surprised to see him alive. I guess I assumed Ben knew Jack's Dad before he came to the island in a casket. I think he came "back" to the island the same way Locke did. Ben was insistent that Locke be with them when they came back to the island. He must have known Locke would be alive again. I just think he was surprised that Locke was the first face he saw. I didn't think Locke's expression was of anger. He actually looked kind of happy, peaceful, serene. Ben looked terrified to see Locke though.

I need to see the first 4 seasons again. I've forgotten so much.