Thursday, April 09, 2009

Let's get LOST! (Episode 12, Dead is Dead)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of LOST yet…
Don't say you weren’t warned. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk LOST!

This week, we got to see Charles Widmore's hairline receded through the years, discovered one of the reasons why he was banished from the island (having a child with an "outsider"), saw Locke walk around with a smug and knowing look on his face, learned more about how and why Ben kidnapped Alex, how he got so bloody during his errand to the marina in L.A., and we actually got to go inside the Temple, and meet Smokey face-to-face. What an intense, engaging episode! Here are a few of my favorite moments.

I thought this was the most shocking event of the night:
Ben shoots Caesar (who is unarmed) at point-blank range for no reason.
Tied with
Desmond tackling Ben seconds before he was going to shoot Penny.

Ben is an evil, evil conniving man. He totally planted the seeds of doubt in Caesar's mind about Locke and set him up, to turn him against Locke, just so he could "save" Locke from him, to get back in Locke's good graces. We had seen enough of Caesar, that I didn't think he'd end up being a red-shirt. Ben has absolutely no qualms about killing innocent people for selfish reasons (i.e. the entire Dharma staff, all the people on the freighter, and now Caesar).

But let's talk about the even more intense, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting moment of the night... the showdown at the marina! I was so nervous that Ben was actually going to succeed in killing Penny. The writers of this show are known for not being afraid to kill off main characters. And they ran it up to the last second, didn't they? I could hardly look at the TV screen. When Desmond tackled Ben, our little viewing party erupted into cheers! Whew! What a relief to know that Penny is okay (at least for now). Did you catch it that the name of Penny and Desmond's boat was "Our Mutual Friend" - the name of the Dickens book that Penny gave Desmond when he went into prison?

I thought this was the most heartbreaking moment of the night:
Ben sees his time raising Alex pass before his eyes, via Smokey-vision.

Watching Ben, as he saw his life with Alex literally flash before his eyes, caused a strange mix of emotions in me. Ben is so evil, so calculating, such a control freak with a selfish ego, but yet, to see him in moments like this one, my heart ached a little bit. Did he really have love for Alex? Was he really tenderhearted towards the baby, and that's why he couldn't kill her (or her mother)? Or did Ben just need something to love? It seems like all his actions are fueled by selfish motivations, so I suspect it was the later.

Speaking of Ben's judgement by Smokey ... the hieroglyphics on the wall above the Smokey vent in the floor showed Anubis, god of the dead in Egyptian mythology. If I remember right, he was also the one who weighed the good and bad actions of a person's life, before letting them in to the underworld. I had suspected from the glimpse we got of the giant statue, that it was an image of Anubis. Now we see this hieroglyph of Anubis summoning what appeared to be a representation of the smoke monster. Too cool. However, I don't think Smokey/Anubis/The Island forgave Ben during the judgement session. Rather, I think the island let him live so that he could redeem his sins by following Locke and helping him, as the Island commanded him to do, in the form of Alex. The appearance of Alex just lends proof to my argument that Smokey/The Island manifests itself in the form of dead love ones. Thus Christian isn't really Christian, but just one of the many forms The Island uses to appear to people.

And finally, here's the funny moment of the night:
Ben (in reference to summoning Smokey): "It's not a train, John, it doesn't run on a schedule."
Tied with
Locke (in reference to Ben's lengthy explanation of why he killed Locke): "I just wanted an apology ..."

Ben actually had several dry, sarcastic funny lines in this episode. I wish I could remember some of the other ones. This is yet another show that I could stand watching again, to make sure I picked up on everything. It was very intense and entertaining. It was interesting to have a Ben-centric episode, and see what life was like on the island "back in the day". After five seasons, we still know so little about the Others. We got to see a little bit more in this episode, with Charles Widmore and Richard Alpert. But as always, we were left with more questions than answers.

For example, here are some questions that are nagging me. How did Ethan end up with the Others? Did he defect from Dharma to the Other's camp with Ben before the Purge? Why did the Others accept him? Was it because he survived being born on the island? Does that instantly make you an Other?

Is Ilana and those other dudes working for Widmore? What's up with her question "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Is she an Other? What's in the silver crate? Maybe when Ben called Widmore from the marina and said he was going to go back to the island but was going to kill Widmore's daughter first ... maybe that's how Widmore knew Ben had found a way back, and put his people into play? Maybe he checked the airline databases to see which flight Ben was on, saw that the Oceanic 6 were on it too, and had Ilana apprehend Sayid and get him on the plane too. That would've had to have been some fast work on his part.

Also, what is Locke's relationship to the island now? It seems like he was the Chosen One all the long to lead the Others (from the time he was a baby). If so, why did Locke fail Richard's test when he was a boy? And how does Locke think he can get the 1977 crew reunited with the 2009 crew? Do you have a theory? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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Laurie B said...

My first thought is that the island has evil intentions. I just can't imagine the island giving Ben a pass unless it approves of what he has done. It didn't give Mr. Eko a pass and he was living a good life full of repentance. The scene with the smoke swirling around Ben was scary. He was really fearful of it and yet willing to face his punishment for what he did to other people to get what he wanted,(we'll find out later if these things were what the island wanted). He was repentant as demonstrated by his apology to Desmond for shooting him and threatening Penny. He also took the blame for Alex dying.

I think Ben was so starved for love that he took Alex away from Rousseau so he could take care of and nurture her. He also had Ethan with him when he took Alex and I think maybe he was taking care of him as well. Is it possible Ben removed Ethan from the Dharma compound before he gassed everyone. Maybe children are precious to the Others because they can't have their own. Remember they took the surviving children from Flight 815 before they took anyone else.

Lastly, the scene on the dock at the Marina was the most intense scene on Lost so far. I was screaming "I can't watch!" I was so relieved when Desmond knocked the snot out of Ben.

And my 1st answer to the question, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" 4 toes. My 2nd, the ocean.