Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Burton (and Luna) Invite You To Visit Wonderland

Well, hello there! It has been such a dreadful long time since I've last seen some of you. As I am sure you are quite all aware, it is so very easy to get lost in Wonderland. My sincerest apologies for such a long absence. Oh my! And there are several of you here whom I have never made your acquaintance. Let us be polite now. Introductions all around. My name is Luna Spinner. My sister, Raven, and I have been lost deep in the Forest of Forgetfulness for some time now, which has made us quite mad. But do not fear, we are all mad here!

As some of you know, Raven and I used to watch over a portal into Wonderland a long time ago. The passageway still exists, if you're clever enough to search for it, peering through your Looking Glass. (I am told that you refer to them as "computer screens" in your modern parlance.) However, I must warn you, it is quite filled with cobwebs and dusty memories now. Raven and I see that the World Wide Web has moved on quite a bit since we first opened our passageway, and your modern modes of transport into Wonderland are so mind-boggling and beautiful, compared to our humble little door. It does seem that our writing spaces are the only things left from our Wonderland that seem to be advancing along with you. Raven has her
writing desk, and I have my little storm in a teacup.

The reason for my writing to you, is that I met a very strange and quite gloomy gentleman recently: Mister Timothy Burton. He makes pictures that can move! It is the greatest type of magic I've ever seen. Not only that, but the dear fellow has found his own portal into Wonderland and has made one of these "moving pictures" about it. As you know, entrances into Wonderland are few and far between, so I made great haste to write and tell you all about it. The portal opens on the
5th of March, 2010, which does seem like such an awful long time to wait. I thought I would share a few snapshots with you, that he so graciously revealed to me.

My my, but has Miss Alice all but grown up! And our dear friend, the Mad Hatter, seems to have grown quite strange in countenance, since last we saw him. But Wonderland is still as beautiful and mysterious and dark as it ever was. With a guide like Mister Burton, I am sure he will reveal to us beauties never yet to be seen.

I will close this missive now, as I must attend to my
spinning. If you would be so kind, please send me a polite "comment" and let me know what you think of these stunning pictures.
Most sincerely yours,
Luna Spinner


chandy said...

This post was wonderful. Go write some more. Go. Now! Quit reading this comment, you've got stories to write!


D.L. White said...

Thanks! :D That's exactly what I plan on doing this evening! (writing)

Now you know why my poetry professor complained that I wrote in an "old-fashioned" style and needed to use my "modern" voice. This type of writing comes so easily to me...

Laura said...

I dare say, some of Mr Burton's "characters" have appeared in other of his moving pictures I do believe.

It seems to me, in my quaint little world with simpleton conjecture to flourish, many a youth will find new and somewhat terribly fanciful creatures in Mr Burton's Wonderland.

Oh, the excitement of it all is more than my pitiful heart can bear!

D.L. White said...

:D :D :D

Jessie said...

Well, it's probably true that no one ever imagines things the way Burton does. He certainly has a talent there. However, I prefer the harmless Disney adaptations. But I have never read the original so I wonder if Burton is more accurate. But seeing what he did to "Sleepyhallow"... he has his spin, for sure.