Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's get LOST! (Episode 6:5 Lighthouse)

If you haven't seen this week's episode of LOST yet...

Don't say you weren't warned. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk LOST!

I think my brain is going to implode. Those LOST writers certainly left all the good stuff for last. My mind can barely wrap around one revelation when they toss another one at us. What a wildly entertaining show LOST is, and oh, how I will miss it when the final BAD ROBOT logo runs across the screen. Here are my three favorite moments from this week's show (although each week it is getting harder and harder to just pick three...)

I thought this was the most shocking moment of the night:

Jack has a son in the flash-sideways universe. Tied with A Lighthouse! More Numbers!

It's totally plausible that in the alternate version of reality, Jack had a son with his wife before he divorced her. How interesting to see Jack have a breakthrough, and overcome the mistakes of his father, and the hurts of his past, by trying to repair the relationship with his own son. Which leads to my next "moment", but before we go there, let's talk about the last ten minutes of the show.

The ancient lighthouse seems to be a portal to the "real" world, or at least various versions of reality off-island. In the mirrors, we saw an Asian style temple, which looks like the place where Jin and Sun got married, and a white church with a steeple, which looks like the church where the funeral for Sawyer's parents was held, and then of course, there was Jack's childhood home. I don't think this lighthouse is a portal, but I do think Jacob used it like a window, to observe "candidates", as Jack rightly deduced when he said, "he's been watching me since I was a child." It seems obvious, based on what Jacob said to Hurley in the final moments, that he knew all the long Jack would destroy the lighthouse, and that's exactly what he wanted him to do. Free will vs. omniscience. Discuss.

I thought this was the most heartbreaking moment of the night:

Jack (to his son, David): You know, my dad told me I "didn't have what it takes." I have carried that around with me all my life. I never want you to feel that way. You can never fail in my eyes, because I love you.

This was one of those wonderful LOST moments that we used to get so frequently in the first season of the show, where a character has a breakthrough and is victorious over their past mistakes, past hurts, past injustices, whatever. I liked seeing Jack try to make things right with his son. In fact, I'm really starting to get attached to the flash-sideways alternate reality. Locke is happy with Helen, and laughs at the troubles life gives him. Hurley is the luckiest guy in the world, and seems confident and happy. Jack, although still divorced, seems to have a hope of a future with his son, and redeemed some of his past hurts. It feels so strange, to begin to become attached to that new plotline, when I've been so emotionally tied up and committed to our island losties for six seasons now. Now I'm not so sure which timeline I want to be real. (Although that's just a guess - I have no idea how the writers are going to rectify these split timelines.)

And finally, here's the funny moment of the night:

Hurley (to Jack): "This is cool, dude. Very old school. You and me, trekking through the jungle, on our way to do something that we don't quite understand. Good times."

I also liked Hurley's comment about "liking history and Indiana Jones type stuff" when Dogen asked him what he was doing in the passageway. I've always loved Hurley, but I've really been enjoying his enhanced role in this final season. In fact, looking back, it's been a slow, steady progression for Hurley, from his neurotic early days, to the day he took charge and got the Dharma van running, and used it to save the day, to now, when became leader of the group and took them to safety at the temple. Even how he trusts his "visions" of dead people now, and calmly acts on them, is a big change for him. Love his character development, and love it that they've brought this supporting character more into the limelight for this final season.

So, what revelation really stuck with you from this episode? What do you think about Jungle Claire? (Or as I've decided to call her, "Creepy Claire".) Do you think she can be saved or rescued out of her insanity, or is she too far gone? Remember, Dogen told Jack she was "infected". And, from what Claire said, it sounds like they gave her the same test as Sayid and then tried to "cure" her but she escaped before they could help her. Either way, I smell a royal catfight of the century, when she finds out Kate took Aaron and raised him. Although, technically, Claire abandoned him when she followed Smokey into the jungle (when he was wearing the Christian Shepherd flesh-suit). Speaking of creepy, how evil was that grin Not-Locke gave Jin? (Shudders.) So much to talk about, so little time until the next episode. Let's discuss!


Judith said...

Great review--I relly enjoy your insights into this crazy program we are all enamored with.

hyacinthinemoon said...

I got to thinking about this after seeing the "creepy" Clair who said the Nemisis was her, "friend."

We never actually saw Clair abandon Aaron, so maybe the Nemisis took the baby, in order to manipulate Clair into leaving to look for her baby and thinking that the Others had kidnapped him. This would play right into the Nemisis's "hand" it seems.

Also, who do you think is coming to the island or was what Jacob said just a way to manipulate his candidates?

D.L. White said...

@Judith - Thanks! I like writing it, so I'm glad you like reading it. :)

@Kat - I definitely think the Nemesis was involved in either luring Claire away, or taking her baby and misplacing him, in order to lead her into the jungle... something like that. It definitely seems to be in line with his evil manipulative style.

As far as who is coming to the island... not sure anyone ever was. I think that might have been a bluff by Jacob - an excuse to get Hurley and Jack to the lighthouse.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention this in my main article, but I loved that scene when Jacob explained "Sometimes you can just get in a cab and tell someone what they need to do, and sometimes you just need to let that person stare out at the ocean for a while." And then they cut to that beautiful profile shot of Jack, with Jacob and Hurley and the lighthouse in the background. I knew right away when I was watching the show, that was the screencapture I wanted to use on my blog post. :) Love this show!

Laurie B said...

Maybe being "infected" is just a way of saying a person is "under the influence of Nemisis". I don't think they are truely sick.

Laurie B said...

Remember, it was Miles that told Sawyer what happened to Clair. "She just walked into the jungle." Did he watch her go? If he did he must not have seen anyone else.

D.L. White said...

Dogen/Lennon said there really wasn't an English word for it, but called it an "infection" so that makes me think it's more like a possession type thing than a sickness. So hopefully Claire and Sayid can be "exorcised" of whatever badness has inbodied them.

As far as the details of Claire disappearing, here's what Lostpedia had to say about that episode. (I had to look it up because it was too long ago for me to remember how it all went down.)

In Season 4, Episode 10, Christian appears suddenly outside of Sawyer, Miles, and Claire's camp, holding Aaron. Claire awakened to see him, and recognized him. This was the first time that Christian was seen on the Island without his blue suit—instead, he appeared to be wearing a dress shirt. Claire walked away with him at some point in the night, and Aaron was later found, crying but unharmed, at the base of a tree. Miles seems to have seen Christian as well, as he told Sawyer (who was asleep at the time) that Claire walked away with someone she called "Dad."

Laurie B said...

I don't remember it like that but that's normal. It's been such a fun filled, action packed series it's hard to remember all those little details.