Monday, March 08, 2010

Musical Interlude - Blue October

I've talked about Blue October before on my blog, and today I was in the mood for this particular song. Blue October is an American rock band and each member has varied musical backgrounds or influences. Combine that with a healthy collaborative effort, and within one album you could have a great pop tune, a trippy techno type song, a hard rock jam, or a beautiful tender ballad. I know describing them in that way makes them sound like a hot mess, but somehow, magic happens, and they make it work. And how cool is it that they use a violin in beautiful and ingenious ways in almost every song? Love it.

Most of their lyrics are so personal, so expressive and intimate, that often times when I hear the song or album for the first time, it makes me a little uncomfortable - as if I'm privy to someone's diary that wasn't meant to be read by anyone else. Several of their songs have made my eyes well up with tears. I could go on and on about this band...

The song I picked for today's post is "A Quiet Mind", and even though the lyrics are a little surreal, I understand the overall emotion or expression of the song, of how being with someone you love can be a comfort in the midst of stress or when you feel out of sorts. I feel like I need to quiet down my anxious mind today, so that's what reminded me of this song.

The video is from their live DVD called "Argue with a Tree". I've seen them in concert, and they are just as amazing in person as they are on their albums.

A Quiet Mind
by Blue October

A slow strangle with your feet on the floor
I've got 14 angels and we're sleeping alone
In the back of a cave, where the rest of us go
To feel normal

I call baby up. Leave me alone.
I'm in pain but I won't let you Band-Aid my wound
I am mad at a stage where I can't even handle my own (can't even handle my)

Give me a quiet mind and I...I love you
You give me a quiet mind and I...I love you
Until the end
Until the end

Give me strength to be kind... To combine
All the good things in life that are so hard to find
But I have and I won't let them go like I do with my friends (my friends)

Still hearing voices... From front... From behind
They're the reasons I choose... When to live... How to die
When to cast... When to reel
When to buy... When to steal
When to fiend for the friends that taught you
Being inappropriate will

Give me a quiet mind and I
I still love you
You give me a quiet mind and I
I love you
You give me a quiet (quiet) mind and I
I love you
You give me a quiet mind and I (you give me)
And I love you
Until the end

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