Monday, May 24, 2010

Musical Interlude - Joe Purdy

I have no words this morning. The LOST finale aired last night, and my brain is still trying to process it all. Today is supposed to be a Musical Interlude Monday, not a LOST post, but I just can't help myself. I'm feeling nostalgic, confused, and thoroughly entertained by this show. So for today's music, I've posted a link to the song "Wash Away (Reprise)" by Joe Purdy, as it was used in Season 1, Episode 3: "Tabula Rasa" on LOST. It's one of those classic, end-of-show montages, set to the music Hurley is listening to on his headphones. Just to warn you, if you're a LOST fan, this song and video are going to make you cry. Watch it with some kleenex in hand.

The embedding feature on this video is disabled, so just click on the picture below and it will take you to the video on YouTube.
Wash Away (Reprise)
by Joe Purdy

I got troubles, lord, but not today
'Cause they're gonna wash away
They're gonna wash away

And I have sins, lord, but not today
'Cause they're gonna wash away
They're gonna wash away

And I have friends, lord, but not today
'Cause they done washed away
They done washed away

Lord, I've been crying alone
I've been crying alone
No, no more crying alone
no, no more crying here.

We get lonely, lord, but not today
Cause we're gonna wash away
We're gonna wash away

I got troubles, lord, but not today
Cause they're gonna wash away
This old river's gonna take them away.


Laurie B said...

Perfect for today. I just watched the finale again by myself and was able to weep openly, unlike last night with others in the room.

D.L. White said...

I'm anxious to rewatch the finale too. Actually, the whole season (or the whole show from season 1 to the end).

Laura said...

Even though you warned me, I didn't think I would cry. And then that stupid dog showed up! I thought about how he was the only one with Jack when he died, talk about "man's best friend". Ugh.

Weeping commencing...

chandy said...

To this day I remember the scene where Hurley's batteries died. That one always got to me...