Monday, July 19, 2010

Musical Interlude - Shaman's Harvest

I've never heard of Shaman's Harvest before and I know little to nothing about the band. I just happened to discover this song on the radio, on the rare occasion when I was actually listening to the radio on the way home from work.  All I do know, is that this song rocks.  It's pure solid rock, with a nice little blend of southern rock mixed in, and it has an excellent groove and build-up.  As far as the lyrics go, I think he's bemoaning the state of the world, as well as his own sinful nature, and asking what can be done about it.  I know the answer to that question, but I have no clue why he thinks it has something to do with a dragonfly. Maybe it's slang for something that I'm not cool enough to know about?  Either way, crank the volume and enjoy the crunchy rock goodness!

(Note - to those Losties who are still lurking around my blog, trying to cope with massive LOST withdrawals, I might be ready to hit "Publish" on my final LOST post, if you're still interested in discussing it.  I think I have finally accepted that it really is over.  Be watching for the post later tonight. sniff sniff)

by Shaman's Harvest

Maybe the sky's falling out around the babies
Maybe the world is going to spin out of control
I don't care anymore
What if I quit today working for the man
Who said I have another, well, maybe I can
its all gonna end anyway
Tell me doctor, whats the cure, for the wicked mans blue's
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
When the skies, fall to the seas
I won't mind
The cause is me
When the wind, blows through the trees
I want to ride
The dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
When I come
Give me a beat
and take my advice
Just let me be
When the moon, turns black as night
When it erupts
Oh, dragonfly
Don't take so long
I'll be here before you know
See you in my mind's eye
Fly, fly dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly

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