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Part III - Let's get LOST! (Episode 6:17/18 The End)

If you haven't seen the LOST finale yet... first of all, what rock have you been living under? And secondly...
Don't say you weren't warned. This is the final installment of a three-part discussion of the LOST finale. You might want to read Part I and Part II before you continue on with reading this post. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk LOST...

My LOST posts are coming to an end... I plan to re-watch the series on Blu-ray and as I do so, it might inspire me to write about it again. But other than that, this will be the last LOST post, at least for a while.  I still feel a strange hesitancy to even finish this post. I don't want to be done discussing the show. I don't want the show to be over. Even with three blog posts about the finale, in addition to all the weekly blog posts I did, I still feel like I haven't covered everything I want to talk about. (I guess that's what Lostpedia is for.)  Following my shocking/heartbreaking/funny pattern that I've used for all my LOST blog posts, my first post discussed the most shocking moment of the finale. In the second post, I discussed the most heartbreaking moment of the finale. Which means in this post, I will talk about the funny moment of the finale.  As usual with this show, there were several to choose from.
I thought these were the funny moments from the finale:

Sawyer (to Jack, referring to his talk with Jacob): " Well, Doc, how about you come down off the mountain top and tell us what the hell the burning bush had to say for itself."
Sawyer (to Jack, discussing Smokey): "'Cause he ain't got what he needs. I'm guessing that'd be Desmond. That's where we were headed before your inauguration. Sayid said Locke tossed him in a well."
Jack: "Jacob didn't say anything to me about Desmond."
Sawyer: "Doesn't sound like he said anything about anything."
Hurley: "That's kind of true, dude. He's worse than Yoda."
Sawyer: "All right, y'all head to your heart of the island and I'll go get the magic leprechaun out of that well."
Sawyer (to Kate): "I'd ask you along, but that'd take all the fun out of me telling you that you can't come."
Kate: "Uh, I guess I'll just have to resist the urge to follow you anyway."
Hurley: "I've got a bad feeling about this."

This show had it all:  heart, humor, drama, mystery, fantasy/sci-fi, high-caliber acting, amazing set designs and locations, a haunting, heart-wrenching score from Michael Giacchino, superb writing and directing.  It was like watching a box office quality feature film every week, albeit only 40 minutes long. It challenged its viewers to rise to the occasion and to actually pay attention and think about what they were watching. It trusted the viewers to follow a large story arc spanning six years. It discussed issues like faith, science, love, forgiveness, redemption, and other topics that most sitcoms or TV dramas usually shy away from. They broke all the rules, introduced new means of storytelling within the television format, and proved that television could be art, and didn't have to pander to the lowest common denominator. There has never been a show quite like this, and I suspect there won't be another one for quite some time.
Below I've listed just a few of my many favorite characters or scenes or moments from the entire series. In taking on that task, I discovered it's impossible to list them all, and I'm sure there are some I've forgotten, so please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know which things stick with you the most.

The writers and creators of the show said the relationships between the survivors are what was really at the heart of everything about the show, despite all the mythology and mystery. The finale, with its focus on this group of friends and lovers, reuniting in heaven, solidifies that theme.  Ironically, the one thing I will remember most of all about the show, and take with me, is that very same thing: relationships.  I will remember, more than anything, the fun I had with my fellow Lostie friends. No doubt about it, it was a fun show, but you all were the ones that made it a blast to watch every week - both my IRL Lostie friends, whom I had viewing parties with every week, to those virtual blog-stalker Lostie friends out there.  Thanks for coming along with me for the ride.

Just a few of my favorite moments from all six seasons:
  • The pilot episode - when Jack breaks through the jungle vegetation and both he and the viewers are assaulted with sights and sounds of a horrific airplane crash.  I was hooked from that very moment.
  • When we found out Locke was wheelchair-bound before the plane crash.
  • Charlie - everything about him, the episode when he kicked his drug habit and the island gave him back his guitar, when Ethan hung him and he almost died, his imaginary peanut butter for Claire, his friendship with Hurley, and of course, his heroic end. To know how you die and to still choose to do it, instead of trying to avoid it...sigh... of course, now we know, it was all for nothing (but I won't get into that here).
  • The moment when Rose and Charlie talk about faith and she starts saying the Lord's prayer for the both of them. 
  • The launching of the raft, such a triumphant and hope-filled moment, only to be followed with the horrible moment of Walt being kidnapped.
  • The light turning on in the hatch.
  • Discovering the Tailies
  • After almost two months apart on the island and not knowing if their husband/wife was alive, Rose and Bernard are finally reunited.
  • The episodes with Benry in the box. He said he was Henry Gale. We found out his real name was Ben. Sayid tortured him for information and locked him in the gun safe in the hatch. Benry got inside Locke's head, and freaked us all out. The best scene was when they let him out and Ben was pouring himself some cereal while telling them a terrifying hypothetical "what if" he "really" was a bad guy... then calmly asked them, "You got any milk?"  Priceless.
  • Watching the first Dharma Initiative initiation film and Locke saying, "We're going to have to watch that again."
  • Just when I think I can't dislike Michael more than I already do, he kills Libby and Ana Lucia, then leads the other Losties into a trap.
  • Desmond and Locke decide not to type in the numbers and let the hatch clock countdown. Purple haze explosion!
  • Richard - everything about him and his mysterious reoccurrances.  The Richard-centric episode was terrific and sad and wonderful too, with Hurley "ghost whispering" so Richard could finally say goodbye to his dead wife. (sniff sniff)
  • Discovering Alcatraz (a.k.a. Hydra island) and the dark mind games played there with Juliet, Sawyer, Jack and Kate.
  • When Desmond time/mind-travels. This episode embodied everything that is special and perfect and wonderful about the show. It had heart, a sci-fi twist, a completely new and ingenious way of storytelling, and excellent acting by Cusik (Desmond) and Walger (Penny). I will never forget that phone call on Christmas Eve. (sniff sniff... oh great... I'm crying again...)
  • Sawyer finally comes face to face with the man that murdered his parents (who happens to be Locke's dad and a con man) and gets his revenge. Again, extremely well-written and well-acted.
  •  Jack's gamble with Ben on the surgery table, when he begs Kate to go and makes a way for her to escape, even after seeing her and Sawyer on the cameras (you know, the cage scene...). Watch the scene with Jack and Kate on the walkie talkies again... he's so in love with her and trying to protect her, even while his heart is breaking. Talk about sacrificial love.
  • Hurley - everything about him - the golf course, the way he loved and encouraged everyone, how he saved the day by crashing the Dharma van onto the beach, his cannonball into the sea when he thought they were rescued, his good heart, his humor, and every single "dude".
  • In season 3, when what we thought was a flashback of a bearded Jack was actually a flashforward!  Hello, shift in storytelling technique!
  • When Ben takes a gamble with the freighter mercenaries and Alex is killed right in front of him.
  • Sun's bloodcurdling scream as the freighter (and supposedly Jin) explodes.
  • The acting between Holloway (Sawyer) and Mitchell (Juliet) during Juliet's death scene.
  • It's John Locke in the coffin!
  • Daniel Faraday and his nerdy mad scientist ways.
  • Rousseau and her crazy jungle lady ways.
  • All the purple haze time jumps
  • Creepy Eloise Hawking
  • When we finally got to meet Jacob.
  • The polar bear.
LOST fan and blogger Ack Attack wrote a funny and touching send-off to LOST as well.  It's worth clicking over and reading it here, but not before you leave me a comment about your favorite moment! ;-)

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