Thursday, October 28, 2010

13 Days of Halloween - Snick-a-loaf

Another short and sweet post for tonight: a video of comedian Tim Hawkins talking about Halloween candy.  He mentions the infamous popcorn balls that I discussed in one of my posts.  If you've never heard Tim Hawkins' songs or routines before, be sure to click on his other videos.  My particular favorites are "Chick-fil-a" and "Delilah".  Enjoy!


Laura said...

LOL! All those weird candies are making a come back in specialty shops. Although some of it has been modified to be more p.c. for example the candy cigarettes are now "candy sticks". It still looks like a cigarette and it doesn't take a genius kid to hold it like a cigarette and pretend to smoke it. :P

Our kids got some of those nasty wax bottles at Halloween last year. They loved them, but I'm pretty sure they were just impressed by the novelty of biting the top off a mini soda bottle and drinking the colored sugar water inside.

Just goes to show kids will eat or drink anything if it's sweet enough. Dumb kids.

chandy said...

Remember Fun Dips? There was a hard (supposedly) edible stick that you dipped into various pouches of colored sugar, then sucked off of the stick. Once the sugars were gone, you crunched through the white stick.

I am quite thankful that my tastes have matured to the point where my candy interests are squarely in the fine chocolate category. I will, however, likely steal some Reese's peanut butter cups and Kit Kats from my kids loot!

D.L. White said...

@Laura - They still make candy cigarettes but just call them sticks now?!?! Duh! One old fashioned candy that I just don't understand the appeal of was Necco wafers. Weird. Flavorless. Chalky. Those are not words I want to describe my candy experience.

@Chandy - FUN DIPS! Oh my, I haven't thought about that in ages! Those were all the rage for a while there, weren't they?

Laura said...

Fun Dips are still around. Be sure to ask Kate about them. And Necco Wafers. Blech. :P