Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Itty Bitty Doodle

This was a little doodle I did at work, while I was on the phone with someone. I'm posting him here, because someone stopped by my desk and remarked that he was cute. I thought about it; he's simple, he's little and, yeah, he's kind of cute. So, up on the blog he went (instead of up on the rooftop. Ha!). You can tell it's on the edge of an e-mail that I had printed out, and I find that kind of funny; here's a fun, swirly artistic flourish juxtaposed next to dull corporate business.

I doodle a lot, especially when I'm on the phone, usually on hold. I'd never thought much about my doodles, but this is the third time recently that someone has commented on how cool they were.  I always just saw them as scribbles, but now maybe I'll give them a second look, and see if there's any inspiration hidden within them for bigger more detailed illustrations or works.  I kept a lot of my notebooks from school, not for the notes, but for all the doodles I did in the margins. It might be fun to go back and revisit those as well.

This little reindeer is ready for Christmas. How about you?  Here's my reader question for the evening - what's your opinion of the stores setting out their Christmas decorations so early in November, or even sometimes at the end of October?  Does it wear you out on Christmas cheer long before the actual day arrives? Or do you enjoy the decorations and music for as long as it lasts? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Laura said...

Cute cute cute! I can't draw so I clean my kitchen when I'm on hold. :)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I hate that Christmas decor comes out earlier every year. I avoid the Christmas aisles in the stores until after Thanksgiving but this week Walmart started playing Christmas music through the whole store. I felt like they were forcing me to have Christmas early. I didn't like feeling that way. :P

hyacinthinemoon said...

I love your "raindeer" flourish doodle. I have been really getting into doodles lately too. Also, I have to tell you I also saved all my notebooks from highschool and college because of the doodles on them. They have nothing inside them, just empty folders with doodles all over them. I can't say why I save them, but I guess I just couldn't bear to throw them away. They usually represented a semester of school and kind of became a "drawing diary" of that semester for me.

D.L. White said...

Fall in general is my favorite time of year - both Halloween and Thanksgiving are favorites - as well as all the fall decorations, so I'm with you Laura - I really dislike it when they rush it. I was shopping for Halloween stuff and they were piping Christmas music thru the speakers. It was just wrong, wrong wrong.

Kat - that's cool you kept your notebooks too. We'll have to "compare notes" sometime. Ha ha!

Kristi said...

I love your doodle! Thanks for sharing an early bit of Christmas magic with us!

I actually love that the Christmas stuff is out early--I too was surprised this year at how early it seemed, but I appreciated the chance(s) to browse early on and see what's new--before people get crazy and the aisles get crowded and the merchandise gets trashed.

I'm not big on Halloween and fall doesn't really seem to come to AZ, so I don't mind that those things aren't out as long.

D.L. White said...

I hear ya Kristi. I do enjoy window shopping and walking around the mall with all the festive decorations, and Christmas music and neat displays, but I don't care to do it with crowds. So I guess that is the upside to the early merchandising.