Monday, November 22, 2010

Musical Interlude - Depeche Mode

I had wanted all my posts this week to be related to the theme of thankfulness and gratitude, since we're celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, but I must admit, I'm just not feeling it tonight. I'll be honest with you, Gentle Readers, I did not have a good day today. Which, in retrospect, makes me feel terrible that I even feel terrible about it, because even one of my worse days is nothing compared to what horrible things could happen out in this broken world. In fact, I've had much worse days than this one. I should know better.

I have my health, my husband, my friends, and I came home to a house with a roof over my head and food in my pantry. And as much as I hated my workplace today, I do have a job and a paycheck - something that many people in this country and in this economy are desperate to have.

I could go on and on and on about all the blessings and luxuries I have, and I do really truly appreciate them, but tonight, I'm just tired and I want to go home. Even though I am technically at home, this place has never felt like home to me. And part of the Thanksgiving holiday seems to be about people returning home and being with family. Home, is where your family is (or your heart is), I suppose. And part of my family is in heaven. It is a separation that you never get used to.

I could have easily linked to this song, but I decided to link to Depeche Mode instead. It's a blast from the past, but it's a beautiful, haunting, heartfelt song, and one that I was completely addicted to when I first got my hands on the Ultra album when it was released. Unfortunately, this was the best version of it I could find on You Tube. Even with the poor recording quality, I think Martin Gore's awesome voice still shines through.

What "home" do you think they're singing about? Leave me a comment and let me know.

by Depeche Mode

Here is a song
from the wrong side of town
where I'm bound
to the ground
by the loneliest sound
that pounds from within
and is pinning me down
here is a page
from the emptiest stage
a cage or the heaviest cross ever made
a gauge of the deadliest trap ever laid
And I thank you
for bringing me here
for showing me home
for singing these tears
finally I've found
that I belong here
The heat and the sickliest
sweet smelling sheets
that cling to the backs of my knees
and my feet
I'm drowning in time
to a desperate beat
And I thank you
for bringing me here
for showing me home
for singing these tears
finally I've found
that I belong
Feels like home
I should have known
from my first breath
God send the only true friend
I call mine
Pretend that I'll
Make amends the next time
And befriend the glorious end of the line.


Laura said...

Ah, beloved DM. Second in my heart only to U2.

This song has brought me to tears on occasion partly because the lyric is so wonderfully constructed with the music. The verse is questioning the past, not knowing why things happen to us and why some suffer with circumstances they have no control over like where they are born. Deep theological questions for a pop/electronic band.

The chorus then comes soaring in with thanksgiving for someone who made all the mess of life seem worth living. Before the love sung about in this song came, there was only existence and after, there is meaning.

Although I had a good childhood, there are things that were not good. In fact, some of it was pretty bad. Having a mother who was on her knees in prayer many hours for me and things I was going through, I have no doubt, saved me. I know she prayed for someone to come and take me away and that that someone would love God and love me. Her prayer was answered with Dan. He has been and always will be my perfect half, sent by God to rescue me.

Of course, now when I hear this song it makes me cry because Martin has since divorced his wife of more than 10 years. It breaks my heart, as I think it did his as he noted in the lyric to Precious.

But that's another subject altogether.

Laura said...

I just finished listening to Home (with tears) and I noticed your lyric you posted is missing the last verse which I think is the ultimate thanks for providing a love that would cause a rock star like Gore to welcome and embrace marriage.

"God, send the only true friend I call mine
Pretend that I'll make amends the next time
And befriend the glorious end of the line."

In error, I imagine everyone has the same marriage relationship that I have. Unfair as that is, it's what makes me weep at weddings and at songs of true love, not infatuation, knowing how love grows and comes in full flower with time.

D.L. White said...

Thanks for the catch on the lyrics. I fixed them.

And thanks for your insightful, deep words - they are a blog post unto themselves!

I think your analysis of the song is right on target. I think it's such a beautiful song, and often makes me cry too - the emotion of the singing and the lyrics is perfectly matched with the musical expression.

And what a beautiful testimony of what God has done for you thru marriage. We are truly blessed, aren't we!

Conversely, I can hardly listen to the song "Precious" - it's so heartbreaking to know Martin wrote that song to his kids, apologizing for divorcing their mother. So sad.

hyacinthinemoon said...

Also, I love reading what Laura posted about the song and thanks Davina for sharing this music with us. I had not thought about this song in a long time. I so enjoyed listening to it again. I just love the melody line in this song and Martin's voice is so haunting, matching the tone of the lyrics. Just beautiful!