Monday, March 07, 2011

Musical Interlude - Steamy Music

So, I went to my first fan convention this past weekend. (I know, big surprise to you that I'm a geek and a nerd. Shocking.) I attended the Wild Wild West steampunk convention in Tucson, AZ. I will probably write more about this later, but for now, I thought I'd share some of the music from the event, since it's Musical Interlude Monday.

First, there is Abney Park, a relatively famous steampunk band (well, famous within the steampunk community). I was impressed that the organizers were able to bring them to this con to perform, since this was the first year for this particular con. We weren't able to see them in concert but here's a little taste of what they sound like (video was not filmed at the Tucson con):

Then there were the Dusty Buskers. (Clever name, huh?)  They are a local Tucson group that plays old-time folk and bluegrass music.  They aren't strictly a steampunk group, but they fit in just fine.  This isn't the best quality video but I used it because it was actually filmed at the Tucson con.  You can listen and see more by going here.

And last but not least, there was another popular steampunk group - the all-steam powered robot band called the Steam Powered Giraffe.  Again, the video quality isn't the best, but I chose to use this because it was filmed at the Tucson con.  Be sure to check out their other videos, because these guys really are quite funny and extremely talented.

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