Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Teatime Tuesday - A Flower In Your Teacup

When I was in Walmart recently I turned down an aisle and suddenly thought I'd dropped into Wonderland. Or if nothing else, that I had taken a sip from a "Drink Me" bottle and shrunk in size, because the shelves were filled with giant tea cups with saucers and giant tea pots. 
Giant teacup planters from Baum, found on
The scope is lost on these pictures, since there's no frame of reference, but they are huge. They were the size of a large mixing bowl or punch bowl and were built with drainage holes in them so they could be used as garden planters. They gave an entirely new meaning to the term "flower pot".
When I was standing there in the aisle, I was struck with visions in my head of a beautiful Alice-themed garden with Japanese paper lanterns strung across my porch and roses of every color and snapdragons springing forth from these teacups, and maybe even a little statue of a white rabbit tucked in the bushes somewhere.

Then I remembered I live in Arizona, where the summers are like living on the surface of the sun, and anything that isn't a cactus is burned to a brittle brown husk, and the dream died. But it was a fun dream for the brief moment I had it.
When I was searching online for a photo of the giant teapot (which I couldn't find) I came across this ingenious garden decoration you see to the left. It's called a Rain Chain.  The idea is, when it rains, the water will pour through the opening in the top of the teapot, weave in and out down through the chains and into each teacup, like a decorative water fountain, only powered by a rainstorm. I immediately fell in love with it, (which should be no surprise, given the name of my blog,) however, I don't have a spare hundred dollars lying around. And it doesn't hardly ever rain here, so the poor thing would go unused.

So, my dreams of a flower garden will remain in my head and I will be content with my cactus.  What about you, Gentle Readers? What's your favorite thing about your yard or garden?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Kristi said...

Best thing about my yard/garden is that I don't have one!!!

A few years ago, when I lived in South Dakota and owned my first home, I learned that I do not enjoy outdoor work. I didn't enjoy mowing the yard, raking the leaves, paying someone to trim the bushes, shovel the snow, etc. Certainly I enjoyed the changing of the seasons and the occasional flowers that would pop up (through no encouragement on my part), but the work that I had to do on my own, after a long day of work (or when I wanted to be reading a book or doing something with friends) just to maintain a basic sense of order, was no fun at all.

I much prefer condo/apartment living where someone else takes care and makes things pretty!

Though I have to admit I could go in for a hanging potted plant, or something small (and self-managed).

I definitely think that teapot-rain-thingy looked cool!