Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sketches from the Island

Via Lost in Comics
 I stumbled across this guy's blog a while ago, but I don't think I have ever mentioned it to you, Loyal Readers. JJ Harrison is an artist that has drawn some really wonderful, funny, LOST-inspired cartoons. He has an energetic, cartoon/illustration style and makes the Losties look bright and cheerful while also poking fun at the dark twisted aspects of the show. I never knew such a dark sci-fi drama with such complex, flawed characters could look so... well... cute!  Even the Dharma shark and submarine are adorable.

They're all worth checking out, especially if you were a Lostie.  Be sure to start with his archives and be prepared to lose a few hours as you click through each one. Here's a link to the first cartoon he posted, to get you started. 

Via Lost in Comics
 However, this cartoon above has to be my absolute favorite so far.  It's the first of a series of cartoons that tells the story of Desmond and Penny as if it were a children's book or fairy tale.  Aww... Desmond and Penny!  Just looking at this cartoon makes me want to go back and re-watch all the Desmond-centric episodes of LOST.  Check out Harrison's interpretation of that pivotal phone call in "The Constant".  It's equal parts funny and sweet.  He definitely nailed Desmond's crazy-eyed overjoyed expression.  (I know these pics are tiny. Please click on them to go to the artist's site. I'd rather you saw them in all their glory there, and gave his site some traffic.)

He also did a series of Star Wars/LOST mash-up posters, which actually ended up being a big hit with the cast and crew of LOST.  I don't always like the whole mash-up idea, but these posters are amazing.  I couldn't decide which one to post here, they're all so good.  So, again, please click on his link, and check them all out for yourselves (or buy a print or two).  He really is a very talented, funny guy.  Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to boot up my Blu-ray disks of LOST.  Namaste!

Via JJ Harrison

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