Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Teatime Tuesday - Tealights

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After yesterday's post, it's time for something completely different. It's time for tea!  I know you won't be surprised to read this, Loyal Readers, but I have an "Alice" guest bedroom in my house.  It is decorated with all things that remind me of Wonderland.  One day I was searching online for tealights, as in those tiny candles, and this came up in my results instead. When I saw this "tealight" idea, I knew I just had to figure out how to incorporate it into my room. 

This was the first example I came across.  I like retro anything, but these cups aren't really my style, especially for my Alice room, which has a very Victorian flavor. Still, the idea is simple, whimsical and just perfect. I think they used an Ikea hanging pendulum light kit to make these. I imagine it would work just as well with some classically shaped, Victorian-styled teacups, although the thought of someone cutting a hole into the bottom of a fine bone china cup or their grandmother's heirloom cups makes me cringe. Once I saw this example though, the hunt was on!

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This next example looks like they took a regular wall sconce and fitted the teacups and saucers over where the shades should be.  It doesn't look too hard, in theory, and the ceramic nature of the teacups would ensure they wouldn't catch fire.  Be sure to click on the link to the site because they have a lot of other great ideas for repurposing old teacups into jewelry stands, bird feeders and even a giant clock.

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If you are handy and ambitious, you can make your own teacup chandelier using this tutorial on eHow. I love the fun, vibrant Wonderland-esque mix-and-match colors they used for their teacups. I could easily see this in a little girl's room. 

All this talk of easy do-it-yourself crafts like this makes me want to go out and buy a ceramic drill bit.  However, I must admit that I'm not really handy when it comes to bigger, more intense crafting projects like this. I'd be afraid I'd end up with a table full of broken china and nothing to show for it.  So which one of you has a generous spirit (and pocketbook) and would like to donate $200 so I can just buy this instead?
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