Tuesday, May 07, 2013

And just like that...

And just like that... the pages began to be filled.

One of the most simple and complicated things.  It's just a pen.  It's just paper, bound in a book.  And yet, it was as scary and thrilling and insurmountable looking as man deciding to walk on the moon.  I took a deep breath, and with one swipe of the pen, the spell was broken.  Just like that.

I liked the scritchy-scratchy sound of the pen on the paper.  

Typing all the time for my day job and for my writing, I had forgotten how rewarding the tactile feel of pen to paper was.  It felt so right; like coming home.  I think I need to do more writing this way.  I also noticed there was less editing and more of a straight and pure flow of ideas and thoughts. It didn't have to be good.  It didn't have to be perfect.  It could just be.  No re-thinking each sentence, with my fingers hovering over a backspace key.  No scrolling back up to move or delete paragraphs.  That will come later, if this story decides it wants to be something more.  For now, there was freedom in just letting it all take me where it wanted to go. That may sound weird, since it was coming from my own brain, but in my experience with writing fiction, it's best to sit back and listen to the characters and where they want to go. I was surprised where "William" went in this story.  Turns out he has some hidden pyrokinesis powers.  What a surprise!

Writing prompts are fun, and dispel the overthinking that paralyzes me.

I have a lot of stories and characters and ideas all rolling around in my head.  So when I sit down to write, it's hard to focus or decide which one is the "winning" idea that I should work on.  As of late, when I would finally decide on what story to tell, I would overthink how to start, or what I wanted to do, and be so overly-concerned with accomplishing everything I had in mind, it would quickly get to the point where I would be paralyzed with the inability to even get started, overwhelmed by everything that concerned me.

I have a book of writing prompts and creativity starters (which I once thought were cheesy, but now have a new appreciation for).  I sat down with my journal, looked up one of the prompts and off I went.  It was like opening all the cans of fingerpaint and smearing them around on the paper until something cool happened, or until you saw something you liked.  What a freeing little exercise.  Like your elementary school teacher asking you to write about what you would like to do over your summer vacation.  Funny, how such a simple, silly prompt could jump start all the gears that I thought were long rusted over, still and silent.  How exciting, to know everything was still there, waiting to be put to use.

And now, if you'll excuse me.  I have more writing to do.


Judith said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

A new and promising beginning.

Nweze Kenneth said...

nice one