Friday, October 20, 2017


Why I write
because it’s what I’ve always done.
because I have to.
because I want to.
because I need to.

I write to communicate.
I write to keep people informed.
I write resumes to help people get jobs.
I write articles to pay the bills.
I write to help my friends and family with the business of life.

I write because it’s refreshing to receive a well-crafted, clearly worded email or letter or text message.  I write to be understood.

I write with my rebellion of words, in a small effort of rage against our culture and its slide towards using Instagram images and emoji hieroglyphs to express themselves.

I write because I can't sleep.
I write because it exorcises the demons in my head.

I write because my writers' group gives me deadlines, and holds me to them, which can be excruciating.

I write because the stories I want to read aren't on the bookshelves anymore.

I write because words are powerful and complex and you can weave them into something beautiful or horrible and create whole new worlds that never existed and it is like knowing how to do magic.

I write to see my characters be brave and do and say things that I never could.
I write to make you worry about what’s going to happen next to those characters.
I write to scare you.
I write to make you cry.
I write to make you laugh.
I write to move you, to make your heart hurt.
At least, I hope I do.

I write so that there will be something left of me when I’m gone, so I might not be totally forgotten.

But mostly, I write to connect with others.
It’s always about connection.

I write to not feel so alone.

I write.
I write.
I write.